Get your head around Scott’s array of bikes with our handy buyers guide

Let us guide you through the 2018 range of Scott mountain bikes. Whether you’re a beginner or an looking to race downhill. Scott have you covered.

Scott likes choice. If ever there was a company who could pretty much cater for the whim of any rider it’s Scott. For example, if you take into account every frame size and wheel size options for its popular Spark full suspension range, you are getting on to nigh on 150 different bikes. In one range.

scott mountain bikes

Genius 700 Ultimate gets the goth treatment

Getting past the bewildering numbers of models and navigating your way through the ranges can be a little bit confusing and daunting. But worry not, we’re here to guide you through it all as simply as possible.

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First of all you need to know that the majority of Scott’s bikes use a number based code to differentiate one model from another. Get your head around this and it’s much easier to find out where you are with the bikes. In the first instance, with this code you can tell the wheel size of a certain model based on a single digit; 27.5” wheeled bikes start with a 7, 29ers use a 9 at the start. The next two digits tell you where in the range a model sits but unlike most other brands, Scott employs a ‘lower-numbers-are-better’ system. Think about it, in a race wouldn’t you rather come first than tenth, so this way of numbering does make sense. So a top end 29er would be ‘900’ whereas an entry-level bike is ‘980’.

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To make matters a tad more convoluted some of Scott’s ranges such as the Spark RC use the same number throughout the range but split it by adding names that may or may not reflect their intended use. And others can have different versions of their top-end model. We told you it could be confusing!

scott mountain bikes

To add to the mix Scott also have a fairly comprehensive line-up of female specific bikes. All come labeled under the umbrella name Contessa and then the range title, e.g. Contessa Spark RC 900.

Scott hardtail mountain bikes

Scott has four hardtail specific ranges: Aspect, Scale, Scale RC and Voltage YZ.

scott mountain bikes

The £649 Aspect 940 comes with a Suntour 100mm fork and Shimano Acera/Alivio shifting.

Scott Aspect

The Aspect is the entry point if you are looking at getting yourself onto a Scott. Models start at £379 for both the 27.5” wheeled Aspect 780 and the 29er 980. All models in the 22 strong range use the same level of aluminium frame and suspension fork with 100mm of travel. Only the components change as you aim higher up the ranks. Scott puts the Aspect in their ‘Sport’ category of bikes. Aimed at recreational off-road riding, it keeps things simple with a more comfortable, upright riding position and stable geometry.

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The super light Scale RC.

Scott Scale and Scott Scale RC

Scott has split the Scale into two slightly different model ranges, Scale and Scale RC. Both ranges are still based more around cross country use than playing at the bike park. But whereas the RC (Racing Concept), 4 model range are all 29er specific, carbon framed machines based purely around XC racing, the standard Scale has a lot more options. Notably both frame materials and wheel sizes are available across the 19 models.

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Also the 27.5” wheeled version increases the suspension travel of the fork to 120mm making it more trail friendly. There are also five Contessa, female specific models. The Scale ranges starts from £699 for the Contessa Scale 40, £879 for the Scale 990, £1399 for the Scale 730. The Scale RC range begins at £3999 thanks to the much higher spec.

Voltage YZ

The Voltage YZ is Scott’s dirt jumper. With a heavy-duty aluminium frame and 100mm travel fork. The entry level 20 (£449) and 10 (£549) include derailleur gears and front and rear brakes making them a little bit more of a hardcore hardtail. The top end Voltage YZ 0.1 (£1249) is a specific dirt jumper.

scott mountain bikes

TwinLoc remote lever reduces travel and firms damping

Scott full suspension mountain bikes

Scott’s full suspension range consists of five distinct families. From shortest travel (XC) to longest (DH) you have: Spark RC, Spark, Genius, Voltage and Gambler.

Scott has been long time proponents of suspension innovation, especially adjustability. This can be seen best in the Spark and Genius bikes with their TwinLoc remote lever. Giving each bike three distinctive travel settings for descending, general trail riding and climbing.

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Scott Spark RC

The latest Spark RC has been developed to get XC world champ Nino Schurter onto a 29er. Every bike in the six-model range is a 100mm travel cross country race rocket. But compared to many XC race bikes, the Spark RC has slightly more trail friendly geometry to make it a tad more versatile. The entry point is the aluminium framed, £2999 Spark RC 900 Comp. Slightly different to the rest of the range, it has a slightly longer travel (110mm) fork.

Scott Spark

The Spark is Scott’s most popular bike range thanks to its vast choice. Perfect for anything from marathon racing to trail centre red run smashing, it’s a versatile bike. The twenty (yes!) bike range is split into 120mm/120mm 29ers running standard tyre widths and 130mm/120mm 27.5” wheelers running plus sized tyres. There are also four Contessa models spanning both styles. £1849 gets you entry into the Spark family with the RockShox/X-Fusion, Shimano Deore equipped Spark 970.

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The new Genius in Tuned form with 29in wheels

Scott Genius

Like the Spark, Scott’s 150mm Genius trail bike platform is available in both 27.5” plus and 29er wheel size/width, based around the same frame. The Genius benefits from the TwinLoc system, dropping travel from 150mm to 100mm or full lockout to add a little more versatility. There are eight aluminium framed models including two female specific, going from £2399 – £3899. The range is topped off by seven carbon framed versions with prices between £4099 and £8999.

Scott Voltage

For riders interested in smashing it around the bike park and sending it off the biggest terrain, Scott’s Voltage is their freeride specialist. Just two models are available, the £2399 720 and the £2899 710. Both feature coil sprung rear suspension running between 170-190mm of travel (dependent on setting) and a 180mm, single-crown fork.

Scott Gambler

Scott’s downhiller is a bit of a monster with 210mm of rear wheel travel. Three bikes make up the range, all with an aluminium frame. An interesting detail is that all of the Gambler’s can run 26” wheels instead of the standard 27.5”, if you so choose. £3499 gets you the RockShox Boxxer forked and Fox Van R shocked 730, whereas the range topping, £6599 710 comes with Fox 40 Factory forks and a Fox DH X2 shock.

Scott e-mountain bikes

Scott currently has a four range e-bike collection that mirror Scott’s most popular non-powered bikes.

First up are the hardtail E-Aspect and E-Scale. The intended use of each also mirrors the ‘normal’ models, with the E-Aspect being leisure/recreational off-road oriented and the E-Scale being a more capable technical off-road hardtail. There are four E-Aspect models including a mudguarded and racked AT model running neat internal batteries and Brose motors (£3399-£3999).

The E-Scale range is more comprehensive with nine models. Lower specced bikes come with external batteries to power their Bosch motors but the higher 720/920 and 710/910 bikes have a sleek internal battery making them look less like e-bikes. Prices range from £2549 – £3999.

There are also two full suspension ranges with both E-Spark and E-Genius e-bikes available. The 130/120mm travel E-Spark (£3999-£6799) uses an internal battery to power the Shimano motor system. Like all the other ranges the E-Spark uses a specific aluminium frame for all models. The E-Spark is also only available with 27.5” wheels.

E-Genius 2018 first look

The E-Genius is the longest travel e-bike Scott currently produces. It’s available in five 27.5” wheeled models and one 29er. The E-Genius has a mixture of internal and external battery configurations across the range. Bare in mind that the lowest priced E-Genius 720 uses a previous generation suspension system to keep costs down. The range runs from £3699-£6799.