Can't see the shock. Can see the potential.


The recently released Bold Cycles Unplugged may hide away its rear shock but it proudly displays a progressive profile and impressive adjustability.

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You may have seen Bold Cycles’ clean-line bikes before. Specifically the Bold Cycles Linkin Trail that we reviewed back in 2016. The new Unplugged is that bike’s bigger sibling. The 29in wheel size remains albeit this time also coupled with 27.5+ compatibility.

The Unplugged continues with Bold Cycles’ USP – the ‘hidden’ shock – and adds more travel and more geometry adjustability. The rear travel on the Bold Cycles Unplugged is 164mm and it can run up to a 180mm travel suspension fork.

bold cycles unplugged

It’s a long and low beastie. And yes there’s plenty of room in the front triangle for a full size water bottle.

bold cycles unplugged

The way into the rear shock area is via removing this black panel that is held on with magnets.

bold cycles unplugged

Here it is with the cover removed. It’s actually held on by magnets and a tool-free thumb-wheel which gives you quick(ish) access to the damping adjustments on the rear shock.

bold cycles unplugged

The rocker is chunkier compared to the Linkin Trail. The full-length rubber chainstay protector is a nice piece of work too; note the fin bulge near the chainset which is there to reduce noise. The rubber also wraps down inside the chainstay as well to protect against tyre buzz wear.

bold cycles unplugged

Bold Cycles Unplugged geometry

This geometry is also adjustable. Chain stay length, BB height, head angle are all tweakable via a combination of flip chips and a NewMan ‘angle-adjust’ +/- 1.5° headset.