Perfect lunchtime and/or skive viewing fodder

Rob Warner’s Wild Rides mixes cultural learning with a dose of bike riding. Read about what’s in it, who’s in it and where you can watch it for free.

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Head over to Red Bull TV now to watch all six episode of Rob Warner’s Wild Rides series. During the shows, Warner visits Kenya, Lesotho, Ecuador, Nepal, New Zealand and Colombia, and is joined by Finn Iles, Olly Wilkins and Matt Jones.

Red Bull press release

Join downhill mountain bike expert, Rob Warner, on an epic quest for adventure as he seeks out the most awe-inspiring trails around the world with professional athletes in tow, or rather, towing him. From the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the African desert, Rob’s cultural mountain bike journey is only just beginning.

Rob Warner travelled the globe racing the Mountain Bike World Cup, but never got to experience the local cultures and people during his travels. That’s all about to change in Rob Warner’s Wild Rides.

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup winner turned commentator Rob Warner is no stranger to globetrotting, but between airports, hotel rooms and racetracks he’s never actually had the chance to enjoy the ride.

In his new TV show however, Rob Warner’s Wild Rides, Warner and a select few of the world’s best bike riders set out to redress this balance. This show is about more than just riding, though, it’s about experiencing different cultures, delicacies and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.