Tubeless made easy, again

Tyre brand Schwalbe continue to expand their accessory range – remember the tyre tread trimmer? – here’s their new tubeless inflator.

It looks a lot like an Airshot doesn’t it?

Watch: How to get the most out of your tubeless setup

We’ve not tested the new Tire Booster yet but it looks a lot like the Airshot chamber we have reviewed. In fact, it was developed with Airshot, Schwalbe says, and it delivers the same 11bar pressure and weighs the same 435g. It looks like the valves and operating systems are the same too.

And it costs €59, pretty much the same as the £49.99 Airshot. It’s got a snazzier paint job though.


Riding with a tubeless tyre setup is great, because you get more grip and fewer punctures. Getting to that tubeless state can be a nightmare on some tyre and rim combinations though, which is where tubeless inflators such as Schwalbe’s new Tire Booster comes in.

It joins the four other dedicated tubeless tyre inflation pumps on the market, all of which we’ve reviewed.

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Tubeless tyres

How the Tire Booster works

The Tire Booster is a secondary air chamber that’s charged using a track pump. The twist is, you supply the track pump.

Charging is simple — connect your pump to the Presta valve at the top of the bottle and inflate. You then release the air via an outlet hose, which has a screw-on head that works with Presta valves. Looks like it comes with an adapter that fits inside the valve stem too — if you remove the valve core you increase the air-flow, which is handy for the most stubborn tyres.

So why would have one of these chambers over a dedicated tubeless pump? First up if you’ve already got a track pump it’s the cheapest way to get set up. Second, it’s way more portable and lighter than a tubeless pump.

So which would have out of the Airshot and the Schwalbe? We’ve not tested the Schwalbe but they do look pretty similar so maybe toss a coin for it.