Seatposts that move are hardly an unusual sight nowadays but the ones we’re used to drop downwards to give you a better position on the bike, not shoot upwards to pump air into your tyres. However, a team of Austrian inventors have teamed up with the creator of Woodstock Music and Arts Fair to create Airsupply – the seatpost that doubles as a track pump.

The Airsupply consists of the seatpost-pump itself, a coiled hose and a saddlebag to store the hose in. The hose is apparently long enough to reach the front and back wheels of your bike and the seatpost is 27.2 mm in diamtere but can be fitted to bigger frames using adaptors.

Air supply diagram

To activate the pump you unlock the locking collar, then pump your tyre as normal using saddle as the handle. When your tyre is at the correct pressure re-secure the saddle onto the seatpost with the collar, pack the cable into the saddle bag and ride off again.

Airsupply gif

To be honest, we’re not sure we ever see this taking off in the world of mountain biking. Yes, it may have celebrity backing but with the compulsory saddle bag it doesn’t really save you much weight (it’s 480 grams compared to 520 grams for a Reverb) and if you were worried about storage space would you not just use a CO2 cartridge that you can fit in a pocket instead?

If you are interested though you can grab yourself an Early Bird version for $40 (£27.50) which is a  pretty decent discount on the $62.50 (£43) normal asking price. However if you chose to donate $5,000 or more to the project then you can win a VIP weekend to Woodstock, which is definitely one of the more creative perks we’ve seen on a Kickstarter. There is an estimated delivery date of March 2017

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page here.