50% bigger knobblies

You can see traces of the old Schwalbe Hans Dampf knobble array in the new version but it’s fair to say that the tyre has had a comprehensive makeover.

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The tread is much more open and the knobblies are 50% bigger and blockier. The general profile of the new Hans Dampf is less round. There’s a definite squared-off look to the shoulder now.

The more open tread design should help mud get flung off upon rotation thus improving mud clearing capability. Not only that but it may allow for the central knobblies to get to work with laying down pedal power and also braking traction.

We’ve not tried the new Hans Dampf but it looks like Schwalbe have made very worthwhile revisions to the model that should mean that the tyre makes more sense, especially as part of a range that has the improved Schwalbe Nobby Nic II and the burly mbr-favourite Schwalbe Magic Mary. The new Hans Dampf seems to fit nicely between those two tyres as an intermediate all-rounder trail tyre.

As with any and every new Schwalbe tyre, the Hans Dampf will be coming in all flavours of their new Addix rubber compounds. The tyre isn’t directional and is also being promoted as both a rear tyre and a front tyre. So making sure you get the correct Addix compound for your intentions will be more important than ever.

All in all, a very worthwhile and pleasing makeover for a tyre that never quite seemed to click for UK mountain bikers.

Sizes: 29 x 2.35, 29 x 2.6, 27.5 x 2.35, 27.5 x 2.6, 27.5 x 28, 26 x 2.35 as well as 24 x 2.35. Various casing options. Available around July. UK pricing TBC.