One rubber to rule them all?

The new Schwalbe ADDIX rubber compound will feature on their top-end EVO tyre range; Magic Mary, Hand Dampf, Rock Razor, Nobby Nic and Racing Ralph models.

Much like other mountain bike tyre brands and their ‘top secret formula’ rubbers (Continental’s Black Chili immediately springs to mind), Schwalbe aren’t revealing much, well anything really, about the special blend of rubbery goodness that goes into these ADDIX tyres.

There will actually be four flavours of ADDIX rubber. And, in a punter-pleasing move, each compound will be easily identifiable on the tyre by a coloured pinstripe running through the tyre tread.

ADDIX compound colour codes

  • Speed = red
  • Speedgrip = blue
  • Soft = orange
  • Ultra Soft = purple

So the idea is a bit like Schwalbe’s current PaceStar, TrailStar and VertStar options but er, not. There are more options and the compounds are brand new, not just renamed existing ones apparently.

schwalbe addix

Although there are more (four) versions of Schwalbe rubber, there will be fewer compound choices per particular tyre model. The idea being that Schwalbe have matched-up the compounds to each tyre’s riding intention. So no more XC-rubbered DH-tyres. Basically, you won’t be able to get a Speed-flavoured Magic Mary. Nor will you be able to get a Nobby Nic in Ultra Soft ADDIX compound.

Longer lasting goodness

Much like the aforementioned Continental Black Chili ‘magic rubber’, the most significant aspect of these new Schwalbe ADDIX tyres will be improved wear-rate. The tyres – especially the softer tyres – are claimed to last a lot longer than previous Schwalbe VertStars and should see fewer torn-off knobs (ouch).

Schwalbe are tight-lipped on the construction of the ADDIX tyres but we suspect that there’s fewer compounds used per model ie. no more complicated triple compound construction.

This is about as much info as we have from the Schwalbe boffins: “Basically, we have significantly increased the filler content for silica and we now control the mixing process more accurately than ever before. As a result, ADDIX compounds are characterised by one thing in particular: they solve the trade-off between grip, rolling resistance and wear across a much broader range.”

schwalbe addix

Markus Hachmeyer (“The Head Developer”) and Wolfgang Arenz (“The Head Compounder”)

What sort of riding suits which ADDIX compound?

As well as traction and durability, the Ultra Soft tyres in particular are highlighted as having good damping qualities. Remember Maxxis Slow Reezay anyone? Except without the spirit-crushing drag hopefully! Ultra Soft replaces Schwalbe’s VertSar rubbers. Better damping, better wet weather performance and 12% better durability.

The Soft compound is basically replacing Schwalbe’s TrailStar compound. 12% more grip, 64% more durability.

Speedgrip is the new PaceStar. Where the PaceStar sidewall hotpatch was enough to strike fear into some riders, the new Speedgrip tyres promises to be a more less skittish all-rounder compound. Lower rolling resistance, 15% betterer damping, 35% more traction and a whopping 62% longer lasting.

The Speed compound is for riders who didn’t mind Schwalbe’s PaceStar firm rubber. They’ll be pleased to know that Speed tyres offer better… everything. Compared to PaceStar: less drag, more grip, more durability, more damping.

Schwalbe ADDIX tyres should be available sometime in June 2017.