26 ain't dead

Multiple wheelsizes, tapered headtubes, new axle standards – the mountain bike industry has certainly undergone some rapid changes in the past few years. It’s no surprise that a lot of riders simply haven’t been able to keep up with it.

In fact, as much as the industry may try to tell us you can’t possibly have any fun without the latest £5,000 super bike, many of us are shredding along just nicely on our beloved 26 inch machines.

That’s why Mojo has decided to commission a one-off run of 26 inch Fox 32 forks with 1 1/8 inch steerers and a 15mm quick release – just like the good old days. The forks will be fitted with the NA2 air spring and FIT 4 dampers to bring them in line with Fox’s 2016 factory models.

Mojo’s Chris Porter has always been one to buck the trends in the mountain bike industry, whether that’s his opinions on geometry or his radical Geomotron bike. This may seem like a step backwards to a lot of people but we love how this gives riders a genuine upgrade opportunity and keeps the 26″ spirit going.

Mojo claims that this is a one-off run but who knows? Maybe if enough of these are ordered there could be a repeat next year.

The fork will cost £489 and will be set at 150mm travel as standard, however you can request for it to be set at 140, 130 or 100mm instead.