It doesn't come cheap though...

Key Points

  • Infinity Pivot equipped, short travel, carbon 29er
  • Younger sibling of the SB5c and SB6c
  • Available in September and prices start at £6,000

Is this related to the SB5c and SB6c?

Yep, although Yeti’s bike names are boring, they are functional. SB dubiously stands for Super Bike and then the number relates to the amount of travel. Yeti already produces 5 and 6 inch versions of the SB series and there latest model runs on 4.5 inches (roughly 115mm) of travel. Unlike its 27.5″ siblings though, the Yeti SB4.5c is a 29er.

Yeti SB45C full build black

Will it be any good?

Obviously calling your machine a Super Bike is pretty bold claim but Yeti is trying to back it up by bringing over all the tech from the SB5c & SB6c as well as a new, trail-specific geometry for the 4.5c.

Short travel 29ers have really taken off recently, with some great bikes like the Orange Segment and the Orbea Occam TR providing a fun ride to accompany the fast rolling properties of the 29 inch platform. We think that 29 inch wheels have finally found their niche in short-travel trail bikes, so that surely bodes well for the 4.5c.

Yeti SB 45c frame only green on black

What was the technology you were talking about?

First and foremost is Yeti’s Infinity Pivot system. This is a suspension platform that allows the pivot to move vertically as the bike cycles through its travel. Yeti claims this improves pedalling ability as well as making the suspension feel bottomless.

The SB45C will also be fully carbon with a claimed weight of 2.45 kg for the frame. Interestingly this is actually a bit heavier than the SB5c (2.31kg), which is odd given the intended uses of the bikes.

Yeti is also adding Boost 148 rear spacing and a PF 30 bottom bracket in an attempt to maximise the stiffness of the bike despite the bigger wheels.

Finally, Yeti has built the SB4.5c with a geometry it believes to be trail specific. Depending on your specification, the bike has a head angle of 67.4-67.9 degrees, a bottom bracket height of 330mm and chainstay length of 437mm. Check out the full specs for yourself here:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.17.10

Anything else to know?

The bike won’t be available until autumn and the Uk will only have the option of buying the frame only for £3,000 or an X01 build for £5,999.