What's hot and what's new from Core

What we have here are the coolest and most eye-catching bits of kit from the recent Core Bike bike industry trade show. What’s going on the wishlist?

Yesterday we brought you the 15 coolest bikes spotted at the recent Core Bike trade show. Today is the turn of the pick of the kit.

With so much cool new stuff coming this year, it’s good to see plenty of it is ready to drop in shops almost as we speak.

USE Helix

U.S.E. Helix dropper

We first reported on U.S.E.’s long awaited Helix dropper post when we first saw it at Eurobike last year. Mark for USE was keen to show us the tantalisingly close to completion version. Now sporting their own ball-jointed handlebar lever and fully finished head, it’s looking likely to be ready for around March time.

Exposure Diablo

Exposure Diablo Mk9

U.S.E.’s sister light company Exposure had the new Diablo Mk9 Sync to show. Like almost every area of technology, this light now features App control. Giving you the ability to adjust output and burn time for your personal preference, it takes the guess work out of lighting. Lumens have also been ramped to 1850, obviously burn time is reduced at that intensity. Retail will be £249.

DVO Onyx

dVO Onyx

We’re fans of clever ideas like the bleed ports on the Onyx lowers. Helping to clear trapped air quicker than a zip-tie down the seal.

DVO Onyx

As well as a brand new ‘budget’ Beryl suspension fork, DVO also had this single-crowned Onyx beauty tucked away out of sight. With the announcement that DVO will be supporting both Giant DH and Enduro EWS teams a new heavy hitting single crown fork was needed.

The new Onyx shares similar features with its equivalent triple clamp version. Adjustability is still at the fore with the OTT (Off The Top) adjuster and all the usual dials and levers. 36mm stanchions put it in direct competition with the Fox 36 range.

Hope V6

Hope 6-pot

Don’t call it a comeback. 6-pot brakes are back! Spotted on a quite tasty e-bike (yes, there is such a thing), Hope’s monster V6 looks to be nearing completion. Pencilled in for release sometime in the summer, currently Hope hasn’t finalised pricing.

Evoc FR

Space for a battery or an oddly shaped laptop.

EVOC FR Trail E-Ride pack

Luggage specialists EVOC has a pretty niche new pack available for 2018. The FR Trail E-Ride pack is, you guessed it, designed for e-biking. What makes a pack an e-bike pack I hear you ask? This one has a dedicated battery storage pocket for when you just have to carry a spare battery for those epic e-bike adventures.

There’s also all the usual features of the FR range including the full back protector. Price is due to be around £189.95

NS Bikes Quantum Lite

NS Bikes Quantum oil slick stem

Okay, it’s not a new product but the NS Bikes Quantum Lite stem still catches the eye thanks to the brilliant Oil Slick finish. We’re (I’m) waiting for someone to make a whole frame in this finish, they can have my money.


SDG Fly saddle

Alongside a few new items we can’t mention yet, SDG had this cool junior version of its Fly saddle. As more bike brands are starting to realise that mum and dad riders are wanting quality kit for their little rippers, so we are seeing component brands getting in on the action.

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ENdura MT500

That’s the MT500 Onesie on the left. MT500 separates on the right.

Endura Softshell on the left. MTR, lightweight packable kit on the right.

Endura weather beaters

Endura had a whole heap of updates and new kit ready for autumn/winter 2018. Most of their jackets have had a few tweaks including our favourite MTR and MT500 jackets. But the big news is Endura are bringing out a onesie! The new MT500 Waterproof Suit is made from Endura’s ExoShell 60 top-end waterproof fabric for full protection. A split front design makes it comfortable to live with and zip off legs increase the practicality. Planned price is £399.99 which might sound a little steep but you are basically getting a MT500 jacket, trousers and shorts, so three bits of kit for one.


£80 for an SPD shoe is pretty good these days.


O’Neal also have a wide range of protection.


Including this wicked Peewee chest/back protector for kids.

O’Neal shoes and protection

MooreLarge, O’Neal’s UK distributors brought a big selection of the brand’s protection and clothing for the show. The new range of flat and SPD shoes look pretty attractive and also have pretty attractive prices. O’Neal also have an almost bewildering range of pads offering almost every level of cover up to full on drop-from-the-sky-onto-your-knees versions.



HT pedalfest

HT are one of those brands that seem to bring out an every increasing range of flat and SPD pedals each season. Sticking to their tradition of naming everything with a appealing letter/number code makes it difficult to know what’s new or not. There are lots of pretty colours though.


MRP SXgCS and AMgCS chain guides

Reasonably priced chain guides were the latest products to be showcased by MRP at Core. The SXgCS and AMgCS are new members of the Core Series range. Using slightly lower tech materials and construction the CS range keeps costs down but offers the same sort of performance as the more expensive versions. Price will be £129.99 for the SXg CS and £89.99 for the AMg CS.


Gusset’s 100% in-house developed flat pedal. Due in June and should retail for £75.


All-new stems. All the sizes. £69.


New full size and ‘junior’ saddles (the junior saddle is great for DH apparently). £45 and £30 respectively.

Gusset pedals, stems and saddles

The component sister brand to Identiti Bikes looks to have had a busy few months developing a new range of kit. Highlights include a completely redesigned saddle range using specific padding, shaping and covers (not just their name slapped on a open-mould design) including a junior version, plus a brand new pedal. The pedal has a unique design with an asymmetric bar and single pin across the one wing. Most of the parts are scheduled for release in March/April.

RRP Proguard

The Proguard has plenty of decal colour options too.

RRP Proguard

Dedicated to keeping you dry and muck free, RRP has a new all-encompassing Proguard front mudguard. Featuring more of a traditional style than it’s other guards, the Proguard offers a more wrap-around level of protection ideal for this time of year. It’s also a pretty reasonable price at just £24.99 for the standard version or £26.99 for the bigger Max Protection version.

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Cane Creek Slamset

How low do you want to go? The Cane Creek Slamset will get you there.

Cane Creek Hellbender

Headset specific bearings. The Hellbender is designed not to spin but to turn.

Cane Creek Slamset

Peter from Cane Creek took us through some of the new kit coming through this year. First up is the new Slamset, this could be the answer if you need to get the front end lower or you’ve just got a new pair of forks that might have been cut a little too short. The internal version has a minuscule 2mm stack height and even the semi-integrated version only sits 4.5mm up. Secondly Cane Creek has a new headset specific bearing called the Hellbender (named after a salamander native to North Carolina that thrives in mud and water) Headset bearings don’t need to spin freely, they just need to move reliably over a specified radius, so this new bearing has more grease, better seals and a different internal structure to make it suitable for headset life.

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cane creek conrad helm

The limited edition ConRad Helm fork. Photos don’t do it justice.

Cane Creek ConRad Helm

Finally Cane Creek are going to be rolling out limited edition runs of their Helm fork, starting with this understated! black and gold ConRad edition. There’s a whole back story about the name involving a twelve year old boy and a lump of gold, hence the colour scheme. This edition might already be sold out by the time you read this!


Refined, tweaked or just completely new. Ergon has the rubber for your bars.

Ergon grips

All of Ergon’s best selling grips have had a slight tweak for 2018. Most have seen a little bit of refining and defining of grip patterns. A few see a new stealth lock-on collar colour version and the GA2 now has a Fat version with an increased girth for riders sporting shovels for hands.