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Exposure Diablo Mk10 light


Exposure Diablo Mk11


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MBR Editor’s choice 2019: Exposure Diablo MK11, £215

The Devil is in the detail with Exposure’s Diablo helmet light. Now in its 11th incarnation, the latest model gets more power for the same price and still uses the excellent all-in-one lamp and battery casing and market leading helmet vent mount. There’s an innovative tap mode, that lets you change the power settings by tapping on your body instead of reaching up and fumbling with the light. Power and spread is also first rate – no wonder an Exposure helmet light has won our annual test every year since 2013.

Exposure Diablo Mk10 review

The tenth edition of the Exposure Diablo Mk10, this year with 30% faster charging, which throws out a blistering 1500 lumens.

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Every year Exposure add a clever feature, or boost the output slightly, on what is already an excellent product. No one could accuse them of sitting on their laurels and the result is a very refined, well made and advanced lineup.

Exposure Diablo Mk10

The light is jam packed with practical, trail-useful features. One of the most useful is the ‘tap mode’ where the light reacts to a light tap on the body to change power settings – an excellent feature, very useful for gloved hands on the move. We find it can be fooled by foliage rattling off it when passing through low hanging branches, but can always be disabled if that becomes a problem in your local haunts.

The power and beam spread is second to none – we regularly use it as a benchmark for other helmet lights – being centre heavy but with a wide spread and soft gradation to the outside. Perfect.

With only 1 hour at max we tend to run it at the medium setting for most riding conditions, only boosting to the max for short periods of fast trail or extra techy ground. It is comforting to have this in reserve and the 3 hour run time on medium is plenty.

We love the all in one, cable free design, excellent helmet mount, compact proportions and high power when out on the trail, and the option of convenient USB charging just puts the icing on the cake. A superb, class leading light.


Weight (with mounting hardware):132g
Run time/max:1 hrs