Core Bike's coolest

What we have here are the 15 coolest and most eye-catching bikes of the recent Core Bike bike industry trade show. Which one would you have?

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It’s the time of year when the cream of the UK bike industry get together at Core Bike to tout their wares for the coming seasons. As it’s a trade only show it’s  more about bike shops owners getting a chance to scope out the goods before planning the coming year. But luckily Core also allows the great and the good of the UK bike press to attend, so we can bring you some of the highlights of what could soon be available at your friendly local shop.

Transition Patrol

1. Transition Patrol

Transition’s UK distributor Windwave has just taken on DVO Suspension as a new brand. The show was an opportunity for them to dress up some of the bikes with the latest from the US company. Transition’s 170/160mm travel, 27.5″ wheeled Patrol had some nice colour matching going on with the DVO Diamond from and Topaz T3Air shock.

Transition Sentinel

2. Transition Carbon Sentinel

The gorgeous, swoopy Carbon Sentinel is Transition’s 29er trail tamer. 160/140mm travel and a whole lot of hard hitting kit.

Transition Smuggler

3. Transition Carbon Smuggler

And here’s the brand spanking new Carbon Smuggler. A little bit less travel than the Sentinel at 140/120mm, but some might say it could be a more usable 29er for the majority of UK trail riders.


4. Hope HB160

With the recent news of Hope dropping the price of the HB160 by a humongous £2000, the homegrown machine has proven to be even more popular. The version Hope had at Core certainly helps to add to that popularity with its clean lines and sorted build kit.

Hope Academy

5. Hope Academy

One of the favourite bikes of the show isn’t even a mountain bike! Hope’s Academy scheme is a way for parents to get their kids onto ‘proper’ bikes without needing to spend out every year. Think of it almost as a company car for the kids. Naturally it comes adorned in hope’s finest. And of course in the best colour known to man.


6. Lynskey Bootleg

Ragley’s Blue Pig is hands down one of our most rated bikes of the past few years. But it did have one slight issue, it wasn’t super comfy. Hotlines (Ragley’s distributor) took on board and discussed making a UK style hardtail with titanium wizards Lynskey. The Bootleg is their take on the modern hardtail. Currently in final prototype phase, the Bootleg will be priced around £1600 for what could be the ultimate hardtail frame.

Niner RDO

7. Niner Jet

Hotlines has also just taken over distribution of Niner. Champions of the 29er, Niner has a small but tight line-up for 2018. This bright yellow 120mm travel Jet definitely caught our eye.

NS Snab

8. NS Snabb 130 Plus 1

For some reason Hotlines wedged this NS Snabb 130 Plus 1 behind a door. While it might not be that new, the drab olive camo style paint job is still one of our favourites.


9. Bernard Kerr’s Pivot Phoenix

You couldn’t get into the Upgrade Bikes area without noticing Bernard Kerr‘s Pivot Phoenix, beautifully painted by Fat Creations for the last World Champs in Cairns Australia. The Desert Camo DH beast was also the bike he rode to a podium at last years Redbull Hardline.


10. Polygon Colossus

Polygon’s Colossus carbon DH bike has had a few little tweaks for 2018. The linkage is now fully made from carbon. The full bike is now also available in this team replica version. Complete with SR Suntour Rux forks and colour matched E13 wheels.


11. Polygon Siskiu

Polygon also have a new trail bike platform, the Siskiu. Available in both aluminium and carbon, 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes. Different models have different travel options from 120mm to 150mm.


12. Polygon Trid ZZ

Polygon’s slopestyle Trid ZZ has this neat shifter mount on the downtube to eliminate cable tangle when doing all those rad tailwhips and barspins.

Identiti AKA

13. Identiti AKA

Identiti released the revamped AKA trail hardtail last year. Reimagined with a modern, slack profile and based around 27.5″ wheels and a 140mm fork, it makes for a proper hooligan hardtail. But what Identiti found out is it works equally well with 29er wheels and a 120mm fork. Making it even more appealing.

Muc off


14. Yeti Fat Creations

How pink?! Muc-Off’s new distributor Silverfish had this Fat Creations painted Yeti in Muc-Off’s signature colours. It also celebrates Muc-Off’s 24th year of existence. If they had an eyewear brand they would have sold a lot of units.


15. Fantic XF1 Integra Enduro 160

Fantic are more known for their internal combustion powered off-road machines but have now jumped into the pedal powered market. With a wheelbase spanning a couple of continents, the XF1 Integra Enduro 160 has a few pretty interesting features. Apart from the obvious long travel (it’s also available in a 180mm travel version) the Integra runs on mismatched wheels. Up front it has a 29″ running a 2.5″ width tyre for better steering and a 27.5″ rear wheel running a 2.8″ tyre for grip, bringing across something that has been the norm in motocross for quite a while. It also has the new Brose Drive S motor.