Amazon Prime Day isn't just for big tellies and Fitbits, there's plenty of MTB bargains to be had if you play it right


The online giant is putting on a variety of temporary flash sales. There’s bound to be some great Amazon Prime Day mountain bike deals to be had.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

We don’t actually know just yet BUT it’s almost certainly going to be more like 30 hours than 24 hours. Yes, that’s almost two days. Amazon Prime Day is technically a 30 hour period really. Blame transatlantic time zones. Or something.

What the flip is Amazon Prime Day? It’s kinda like Black Friday but specific to Amazon. And just like Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day lasts more than just a day. It’s not as bad as Black Friday (week! month!!) though. Amazon Prime Day lasts a mere 30 hours, as we say.

Yes, we know, it is a bit silly and annoying but that’s the modern world on internet flogging for you.

Amazon as you already know, pretty much sell anything and everything. They have bike stuff from big name brands like Garmin, Thule and some of the biggest names in bike helmets (always a popular purchase)

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Yes, you will need to be(come) an Amazon Prime member

You do typically have to be an Amazon Prime member to benefit from the deals. However, there are often deals and/or vouchers to be gained if you sign up to Prime.

If you are interested, becoming an Amazon Prime member costs from £7.99 a month (or around £80 for a whole year, at current rate). Membership gives you things like free next day delivery, access to Prime video, music, books, magazine and gaming, exclusive 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals and so on.

We’re here to help

Once Amazon Prime Day kicks off, the deals will come thick and fast. Every five minutes or so. It’s going to be hectic and all too easy to miss things or – more importantly – buy inappropriate products.

To help you out we’ll be updating this page with our recommended deals. Perhaps though the best thing to do is follow our social feeds – Facebook and especially Twitter – as this is will be regularly and quickly updated. Amazon Prime Day is going to thrive from social media due its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nature.

Here’s what we suggest you do…

  • Bookmark this page
  • Write a list now of stuff you actually need (or treats you really, really want)
  • Set yourself a budget now (don’t be unrealistically mean about it though as you’ll not stick to it and then the floodgate will open!)

Amazon have been in touch with us and given us the nod that there’ll be some impressive deals on cycling products. Now then, time will tell whether mountain bike stuff gets represented much.

The focus will no doubt be on road bikes and commuting but there’s bound to be a big crossover of usage. We all use track pumps, we all like GPS devices, we all like workshop tools, we all like Action Cams and so on.