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Camelbak Repack LR 4


Camelbak Repack LR 4 review


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The Camelbak Repack LR 4 is their second attempt at an enduro-style bum bag. The brand have clearly learnt lessons from its older Palos LR 4.

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Every single criticism called out in my review of that pack has been improved upon.

camelbak repack lr 4

A major area of improvement is overall stability, and specifically the way the waist straps tighten and adjust. The main buckle is more substantial and the hip straps now tighten in the right direction, i.e. away forward from the waist, so it’s way easier to get the load tighter to the body. The wide straps and wings keeps the Repack firm even fully loaded with water and kit, no matter how hard you think you’re shredding.

The magnetic reservoir hose clasp now works better too, reliably keeping the best-in-class, fast flowing 1.5l hydration tube from flapping about your legs and wheels on every descent.

camelbak repack lr 4

I’m not the biggest fan of the fold-open Velcro flap, behind which various tools and snacks can be stowed in elasticated and zipped stashes. The flap adds an extra level of peeling open, but it does free up the main chamber to be one big space where you can put an extra layer or minimal jacket. I love how the wider, more stable hip flaps have pockets though, one fold over and one zipped – perfect for multi tools, snacks and phones. As a wet weather UK rider, if the zipped pocket were fully waterproof for my phone, this bag would absolutely perfect for my needs.

The Repack addresses every concern with CamelBak’s last product and is one of the best packs on the market full stop, provided you don’t have more than a few hours worth of kit to carry.


Weight:566g incluidng 1.5l hydration reservoir
Capacity:2.5l cargo storage