The Feedback Team Edition Tool Kit comes in a soft, fold-out binder case, making it a great tool kit for taking with you in the car as well as using in the home workshop.

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Score 9

Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit


  • Portable. Easy to find tools. Great quality. Excellent tool selection, including pick, valve core remover and cable cutters


  • Expensive. Y-wrenches are not as useful as T-handle or L shape Allen keys


Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit review


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With its fold-out soft binder case, the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit resembles the kind of set-up a pro team mechanic would use at a race. It’s beautifully made and presented and one of the best tool kits on the market. What’s really cool is that, once folded out, it can be strapped to a workstand (such as the Feedback Sports Recreational), keeping all the tools neatly to hand.

Once unzipped, the Team Edition continues to impress. This is a high quality tool kit that any tool fetishist would drool over. Details like the dual sided pick make it stand out from the crowd – perfect for opening up the ends of gear housing and removing seals from cartridge bearings. There’s also a superb little valve core remover and the long, sturdy tyre levers are impressive, unseating even the most stubborn beads.

All the tools have either a comfortable, rubberised grip or a beautiful polished chrome finish with rounded edges that make using them a joy.

The cable cutters worked well and include an integrated end cap crimp, while the chain tool has a neat, sprung-loaded cradle.

On the end of the BB spanner is the cassette lockring tool. It’s open ended, so it can be used to remove RockShox air caps, but the extra length and weight does mean you have to be more careful not to mark the crown.

Since we first tested it, the Team Edition Tool Kit has been updated and upgraded with the new Feedback Sports Chain Tool 3.0. This has a very smooth action and lots of leverage, so you don’t have to stress your thumbs. There’s also a pair of chain pliers now, so removing a split link is no longer a problem.

We gave the Team Edition Tool Kit to a professional mechanic for, er, feedback. So far he’s very impressed, and told us “every time I try out a new tool from the kit, one of my old ones gets retired!’ The price has gone up 10% since we originally tested it back in 2021, but considering you get an extra tool included, it’s still good value.


With only Y-handle Allen and Torx keys (it’s also missing a T10 Torx), you’d still need to buy an Allen key and Torx key block, as well as a torque wrench, but the Feedback Sports Team Edition is a beautiful, functional and portable tool kit from which to expand your home workshop. We’ve also seen it online for a lot less than the suggested retail price, making it something of a bargain.


Number of tools:20
Size:330 x 270 x 57mm