A European bike brand offering all-carbon frames for downhill and enduro riders. This is Prime bike.

The latest boutique mountain bike brand, is Prime.

Launching with a two-model range, targeted at gravity riders, Prime is a thoroughly Continental brand, with offices in Poland and Austria. The bikes look slick, thanks to design input from Spanish riding and engineering superstar, Cesar Rojo.

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Prime’s development timetable was disrupted back in 2016, when Santa Cruz proved that 29er wheels would work a treat in downhill racing.

Prime decided to redirect its R&D resources into big wheels, with the result being its Rocket downhill bike.

As one would expect from bikes that have some Cesar Rojo design influence, the frames and links are carbon-fibre. Prime uses two co-rotating lower links to join the frame triangles, but perhaps the most interesting industrial design feature is the Prime Rocket’s aero seatpost.

Prime’s downhill Rocket(sled)

The Rocket frame rolls 29er wheels, with 200mm of front and 195mm of rear suspension travel. Core geometry numbers set it at a 63.5° head angle, balanced by 450mm chainstays on all sizes.

Unlike some of its rivals, Prime is not offering geometry adjustment chips on the Rocket. Reach numbers total 455-, 475- and 500mm for the frame sizes medium, large and extra-large.

Downhill riders who prefer running huge rotors at the rear, will be pleased with the Rocket’s 203mm post mount brake standard.

An all-carbon enduro option

Enduro riders who like the look of Prime’s design language will have option on its Thunderflash. This is a 29er enduro bike, with 165mm of rear travel and a 170mm single crown fork up front.

Geometry numbers balance between a 64° head angle and 77° seat tube angle. The reach values are on trend for a modern enduro bike, starting at 460mm for a medium increasing to 480mm on the large and peaking at 505mm for an extra-large.

All Thunderflashes use the same rear triangle, with 445mm chainstays. As with the Rocket, Prime doesn’t believe in offering adjustable geometry with flip chips, believing that its inherent geometry settings are perfectly balanced for the bike’s kinematics.

To keep terrain induced frame wear to a minimum, both the Rocket and Thunderflash feature integrated downtube and chainstay protectors. There is also a protective shield just behind the head tube, to prevent fork crown damage during over rotation, on the Thunderflash.

Prime is offering frames (€3499 ) and full builds, with the Rocket starting at €5299 and a Thunderflash entry-level build retailing for €4999.