From the masters world champion Cesar Rojo comes UNNO, a brand of premium carbon fibre bikes that’s situated to take bespoke builds to a whole new level

Well that’s all very exciting isn’t it? Well, yes, actually it is.

After years of development and in-house work, UNNO is releasing five carbon fibre models, based around a forward geometry frame that it claims will change the way the bike market ‘perceives premium’ from now on.

What is forward geometry?

Not to worry, it’s not another new standard. In fact, Cesar Rojo, masters world champion and the man behind UNNO has been pioneering forward geometry for years as a consultant for Mondraker.

Instead of designing the bike to be ridden with a relatively long stem, forward geometry builds the extra length into the top tube allowing the rider’s weight to be pushed backwards, giving better control when things get steep.

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Forward geometry fiends are keen to assert that it brings a whole host of other benefits such as a longer wheel base for added stability and handling like a downhill bike.

Premium products

UNNO is releasing five carbon fibre models, ranging from XC machines through to a downhill big hitter, allowing all riders the option to sport a bespoke rig.

UNNO credits the bespoke nature of the bike to the care the bikes have received during their development. UNNO is a completely in-house brand and they say this allows them total control over the process.

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In choosing the materials to use – and not to use – it was able to shape the final product to exactly what it wanted.

Plus, they know what their doing. UNNO claims it has channelled years of experience into creating the ‘most advanced bike frames’ available. 



UNNO is keen to assure that the mountain bike game has changed and the creation of these carbon fibre frames is the revolution. Exclusivity is the name of the game here so you better keep an eye out if you want one as UNNO says it will only be available in limited numbers.

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Here’s what UNNO had to say about itself:

1. In UNNO we create and define new mountain bike clichés. Working with carbon fibre the way we do is an evolution of the product itself.

2. In UNNO we decided to produce mountain bikes like no-one has ever done before. When UNNO means starting from zero.

3. Saying that UNNO is a simple mountain bike, is to preconceive the fact that nothing has changed. New game, new rules. Welcome to UNNO.

4. Nowadays it’s a question of big ideas. A question of how you execute them. In UNNO we change the present, to redefine the future.

5. In UNNNO we produce mountain bikes with the senses of a racer, the mind of an engineer in the hands of an artist. Shaken, not stirred.