Making the most of RockShox's ZEB fork, this Pole could be a whole new world of enduro.

Finnish boutique bike brand, Pole, has posted a radical new prototype on Instagram.

Company founder and chief industrial designer Leo Kokkonen, has shown his social media audience a new single-crown Pole.

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This new bike will sit at the upper end of any enduro spectrum, or could perhaps even be classed as a true bike park rig.

It features a very different rear-suspension linkage to Pole’s legacy products, or even the current Stamina. There is no chainstay as the swingarm is supported by two oversized parallel links on either side of the bike.

The side-profile of this new Pole will rekindle free ride mountain biking memories of the late 1990s and early 2000s, but with the Finnish company’s innovative construction methods, it could be an effectively light long-travel bike.

A Pole with more travel – and internal porting

Kokkonen has confirmed this new Pole prototype has 190mm of rear travel. That’s a huge amount of suspension squash for a 29er mountain bike, but with RockShox’s 190mm ZEB single-crown fork, it is a number not without its merit.

With the latest generation of 38mm stanchion single-crown suspension forks reaching beyond 180mm of travel, there’s no reason not to develop bikes that can use them. Pole’s attempt to package a 190mm into an enduro frame with an air shock, that can be pedalled uphill to the drop-in point, is impressive.

The frame has also has a brace in the fore section of its front triangle. Interestingly, for a Pole, there has also been an evolution to internal cable routing, with this 190mm prototype.

Kokkonen says that he believes wireless shifting will make drivetrain cables redundant, but that routing the rear brake cable internally, is sensible. As such, the rear brake cable ports into front triangle brace.

What is the name of this new 190mm enduro/park bike from Pole? It has no official designation, but Pole is expected to bring it to market, before 2022.