After the initial anticipation and disappointment, Pole has integrated lessons learnt, with its Stamina 2.0.

Finland might not have mountains, but the Nordic country has produced mountain bikes with stunningly progressive bike geometry.

Pole is the Finnish brand that has delivered huge reach numbers, in a boutique dual-suspension frame package. The brand’s achingly beautiful Stamina frame, with its bonded aluminium construction, has been a divisive presence.

Early adopters suffered various frame failures and customer support, as is so often the case with a small brand enduring rapid growth, was inadequate at times.

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Pole has promised to redress its inventory and customer support issues, whilst also presenting an improved evolution of the Stamina frame. Floor space has doubled, improving inventory, whilst Pole has also invested in a dedicated brand manager.

To assuage doubts about the integrity of its Stamina design, Pole sent a test frame to Germany for industrial standards verification. It surpassed all the required EFBE tests and was even subjected to a torturous ‘Casing Test’, involving 6000Nm of downforce force, applies to the frame, for ten seconds.

A stronger bike

Confident of the Stamina 2.0’s structural integrity, Pole has also embraced customer feedback from Pole 1.0 owners.

As a result of this feedback loop, Pole increased the Stamina 2.0’s material wall thickness to create a larger bonding surface. There are also keyed headset inserts and reinforced top tube walls, to prevent crush risk if a mechanical overzealously tightens the frame whilst mounted in a work stand.

The core Stamina features have not changed: a sophisticated rear suspension linkage, very progressive geometry and the ability to carry two water bottles in the front triangle.

Pole will be marketing three versions of the new Stamina. Trail riders will be drawn to the Stamina 140, running a RockShox ZEB 160mm fork, with a choice between Super Deluxe Ultimate or Cane Creek Kitsuma rear shocks.

A factory Stamina 140 build uses SRAM’s GX Eagle drivetrain and rolls DT Swiss EX1501 wheels.

The Stamina to appeal to enduro riders

For those potential Pole customers who need a bit more travel, there is the Stamina 160. It ups front fork travel to 180mm, with a RockShox ZEB Select, whilst the rear suspension compression either a Super Deluxe Ultimate air shock, or RockShox’s Super Deluxe Coil R.

Riders seeking the ultimate Pole single-crown enduro bike, can choose the Stamina 180. It is configured around a RockShox ZEB Ultimate fork, supported by a Cane Creek Kitsuma rear shock.

Like other Staminas, it also uses a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, but rolls tougher Mavic Deemax Pro Sam Hill wheels.

Pole’s factory builds for the new Stamina range, start at €4850. The brand is also offering customers an advanced electrophoretic lacquering finish, with vivid colour options, for an additional €250.