You can even send Pembree your old pedals and they'll recycle them (and give you a discount on a new pair)

New UK company Pembree are fully solar- and wind-powered. Check out their full recyclable flat pedal called the Pembree R1V.

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Pembree R1V flat pedal spec

  • Spindle: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, made in Brighton, widely recycled
  • Pedal Body: 2014 T6 Aluminium, made in-house by Pembree, widely recycled
  • Traction Pins: 304 Stainless Steel, made in Brighton, widely recycled
  • Traction Rails: 6082 T6 Aluminium, made in-house by Pembree, widely recycled
  • End Cap: 6082 T6 Aluminium, made in Brighton, widely recycled
  • Inner Bearings: Sealed SKF Needle Bearings, made Itlay (SKF), recyclable by Pembree
  • Outer Bearings: Sealed SKF Ball Bearings, made in Slovakia (SKF), recyclable by Pembree
  • Shaft seal: nitrile rubber and steel, made in China, recyclable by Pembree
  • Pins: 10 Traction Pins per side
  • Body Dimensions: 100mm x 110mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 624g
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • SRP £199

Flat pedal aficionados out there will see the relatively chunky 20mm thickness of the R1V pedals (most premium pedals are around 17mm thick). The reason for this thickness is that Pembree don’t use bushings on the R1V, they opt for needle bearings instead, which take up more room but should be more durable.

As well ecological reasoning, the R1V pedals are also designed with durability and strength in mind. They clearly have e-bike riders in their sights as a core target market for these pedals.

Pembree are actually working on another flat pedal design at the moment that’s going to aimed more at performance/race applications. Pembree state: “This pedal will maintain all of the green elements of the R1V pedal but will drive down weight and focus on top level performance for the more weight conscious riders. Quality will not be compromised, and it would also come with a 5-year guarantee.” But it’s the burly R1V that they’re launching with first.

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Eco rating

  • Carbon Neutral, including the transport to customers.
  • Materials: All individual components of the R1V are fully recyclable.
  • Energy: The Pembree factory solely uses renewable energy from Ecotricity
  • Manufacturing: All swarf is 100% recycled. No waste to landfill.
  • Packaging: All Pembree packaging is recycled, can be recycled and is 100% plastic free

Pedals4Pedals trade-in scheme

Customers can send in their existing pedals from any manufacturer and they will be recycled. In return, they will get a 10% discount on Pembree products.

Customers apply for this discount prior to their purchase, and the old pedals can be returned in a compostable return envelope that’s provided with your purchase.

Pembree founder Phil Law

About Pembree

Pembree was founded by Phil Law: “It’s our intention to lead the way in the cycling industry with both innovative products and green solutions to ensure we do our part in making cycling a truly low impact sport on and off the bike”.

About the product they’re launching with, he says, “A pedal that is strong, light and tough as nails is essential. Through in-house manufacturing, attention to detail in product development and innovation we have attained a standard seldom achieved by others.”