Make your grass even greener

Make your grass even greener. Environmentally friendly mountain bike gear and ideas to reduce your carbon tyre-print. Hardware and clothing.

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1. RideGuard mudguards

Keeping it clean indeed. Bristol brand RideGuard has committed to producing its range of mudguards from 100% recycled plastic waste. “Manufacturing locally not only reduces our environmental footprint, it also allows us to have a closer relationship with suppliers. Having a skilled workforce on our doorstep makes R&D and quality checks much easier, plus we can move quickly with new designs” – Ben Gaby, RideGuard.


2. Vaude Moab AM shoes

Vaude makes some of the greenest shoes you can buy, they’re 100 per cent PVC free and the lining and insole are made from 50 per cent recycled materials. Comfy to wear and with adequate grip too.


3. Green Oil

Lube your bike with this PTFE-free oil, it’s completely biodegradable and even the bottles are made from recycled plastic. It’s good lube too, so your bike won’t suffer.


4. SIVA Cycle

Mount the SIVA in your wheel and it’ll generate and store energy as you pedal your bike. Then you can just plug your phone, GPS, lights, watch, or whatever, into the unit and get green power.


5. Kali Saha helmet

The Kali Saha is aimed at commuters but it does have some crossover potential into the MTB world. The Saha is made from recycled EPS and natural fabrics.

6. BOS suspension

Not many folk know this but BOS spent an awful long time coming up with a biodegradable damping oil that they use in their forks and shocks.

7. Sympatex

This breathable material forms the waterproof membrane of many a jacket, and now it’s made from 100 per cent recycled materials. It’s PTFE-free and PFC-free too.


8. Chris King

The lathes in Chris King’s factory use domestically grown soy cutting oil. Not only that, the shavings from the component manufacturer are drained of the soy oil (which is re0used) and processed into ‘pucks’ which are then highly desirable to recyclers “due to the minimal amount of burn off material i.e. oil and their density allows for easier transportation.”

9. Peaty’s tyre sealant

Non-toxic, non-hazardous, fully biodegradable tubeless tyre sealant. Yep, even the little nano-platelet glitter stuff in the sealant is biodegradable. They also use minimal packaging designed to be refilled and reused.

Do you know of any other stuff?

If you know of some environmentally friendly bike product that we haven’t listed here, leave a comment below. We’ll check it out and update this page accordingly.