Yep, THOSE sabotaged trails linked to THAT MP

An online petition has been started to “show demand for a recognised local mountain bike trail in the Caerphilly basin” in the light of recent trail sabotage episodes.

A bit of background in case you’ve missed all this. Someone has been sabotaging mountain biker-created trails in Caerphilly woodlands by hauling branches over the track and other dodgy traps.

One of the alleged people responsible for this sabotage is infamous ex-MP Ron Davies. Yes him of the numerous “moments of madness” that have been in the papers over the years. Google “Ron Davies” if you want to know more.

Screenshot of the video given to the BBC

Screenshot of the video given to the BBC

Anyway, coincidentally or not, Mr Davies is a trustee of Caerphilly Woodland Trust and this Trust has been somewhat defensive and ‘closed-ranks’ on social media (deleted posts and all that sort of thing) since the news came out about Mr Davies’ alleged involvement with dangerous sabotage of MTB trails. petition

With all this in mind, some mountain bikers of Caerphilly have started a petition to essentially try and find a solution to all of this user-conflict.

The petition states: “In light of recent well publicised issues with the unofficial trails on Caerphilly Mountain, this is a petition to show the demand for a recognised local mountain bike trail or trails in the Caerphilly basin. An area with built features designed for mountain bikes that can be maintained and developed by local mountain bike groups and users.”

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One of the Caerphilly MTBers involved, Owain Rees told us: “We are working to secure a recognised trail or trails within the Caerphilly area, after well publicised issues with unofficial trail use and sabotage in the last 18 months. We have formed a group with the aim of co-operating with Natural resources Wales to provide a safe facility for the local community and a positive outcome from a negative situation. Some local riders have also organised a litter pick ride which should show the public we are significant in numbers and care about the countryside we enjoy whilst riding.”