She was mauled for 20 minutes

Renee Legro has settled for $1 million in a lawsuit of against the owner of two sheep dogs that attacked her during a mountain bike race.

Legro was competing in a race at Camp Hale, a World War II prisoner of war camp, when she was mauled by two Great Pyrenees dogs for twenty minutes. The doctor who treated her said he lost count of how many stitches she required. Legro remained badly scarred for life as well as traumatised – she claims she is now scared of family pets.

Sam Robinson, a sheep farmer who owns the dogs, was convicted of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog in 2009 and was sentenced with 500 hours of community service. This suit followed that case and  $1 million is the maximum amount allowed under Robinson’s insurance policy.

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Bloch & Chapleau, attorneys at law told Denver7: “The dogs attacked Mrs. Legro without warning or provocation, and mauled Mrs. Legro, causing life-long injuries and substantial economic damages.”

Robinson defended himself in the LA Times in 2009 claiming that Vail Recreational District had failed to notify him that  a race would be passing through the area.

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