Everyone loves a trail dog and there can sometimes be nothing better than having a ride with a furry friend, but this Greek rider had a very different canine experience when he pedalled past a sheep farm.

The farmer owns a pack of dogs that didn’t take very kindly to him riding past and quickly and aggressively surrounded him.

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You can see in the video the dogs lounging around the entrance to the farm and they become aggressive as soon as the biker rolls into view. They bark and growl at him forcing the rider to take cover behind his bike, he even has to kick out at some of them that get too close.

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Thankfully the farmer was on hand to pacify the dogs before the situation escalated but the cyclist is understandably annoyed at him.

According to the farmer: “If you whistle at them once, they stop” but the cyclist’s commotion didn’t seem to affect them at all.

After some heated exchanges, the cyclist finishes his ride unharmed and continues up the road.

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Thanks to Paul Williams for bringing this to our attention