He's got the skills and the speed to shred trails but on four legs rather than two wheels. Meet Tucker the world's fastest trail dog

Trail dogs seem to be quite the mountain biking addition. They probably break less than most bike parts and cost (maybe) less. Plus, they’re handy for keeping you company on those lonesome rides through the woods.

Tucker seems pretty speedy for a dog, easily keeping astride with his owner’s swift riding as well as taking the lead (no pun intended) and having a great time. It even paints the lovely picture of him clearing the jumps and gaps in determination to follow his owner.

The dog may be hauling but so is the rider, trucking along at that pace, clearing gaps, railing berms and shifting through trees makes for possibly some of the most pleasing first person footage out there. Never mind the fact that the camera stability is second to none, giving none of that dreaded GoPro wobble (You can make edits as good as this one with our guide to making killer edits).

Perhaps riding with a trail companion makes you faster? Although you can’t entertain yourself with the usual bike chat about wheel standards, racing or who is the Strava master (presumably the dog). You would however always have a riding companion that you can clear technical features better than, even if you do have to fear landing on them at the bottom.

However, animals and mountain biking don’t always go hand in hand, as these 7 animals that really didn’t like mountain bikers proved.