Spanish design, in striking colours. That is the deal, with the Olympic Mondrakers.

Worlds is usually the peak of professional mountain bike graphic design, for any given year of competition.

But that is not the case in an Olympic year. With the Tokyo Olympics promising a very technical XC track, riders are readying themselves for a proper medal race.

And for those frame brands, with riders representing at the Olympics, it is an unmissable opportunity to deliver some striking colourways.

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Bright bikes, for a big occasion

Spanish artistry and industrial design, requires no introduction, to any ardent mountain biker. Mondraker. Orbea. Unno. These are some of the most storied names in frame design. And nobody needs to show a Spanish graphic designer, how to distribute colour and shape.

Mondraker has three riders competing in Tokyo. There will be the Australian husband and wife duo of Dan and Dan McConnell, and Spaniard, Jofre Cullell.

To celebrate the value of an Olympic mountain bike event, all three will be riding vividly graphic Mondrakers.

They can choose – 100mm front (and rear)

Beyond the bold colourways, these Olympic bikes are all built with a collection of the very best components.

All three riders will have both Podium and F-Podium RR Mondrakers available in Tokyo, delivering 100mm of suspension.

The athletes will evaluate Tokyo’s mountain bike course, and decide whether they prefer a hardtail option, with 100mm of front wheel travel, or the more comprehensive 100mm of suspension action at both ends, provided by the F-Podium RR.

Deconstructing the colourway options, it is clear that the Spanish national flag has found its way onto Cullell’s Mondrakers, whilst Australia’s national flower serves as the inspiration for the McConnell bikes.

Graphene wheels

The build kits see RockShox supply SID SL Ultimate RL forks and matching Luxe Ultimate RLR shocks.

SRAM provides the drivetrain and brakes for these Mondraker Olympic bikes, with AXS wireless shifting and dropper posts. The stoppers are SRAM Level Ultimates.

Powering to a competitive Olympic placing is all about conquering inertia and keeping your effort, on the endurance threshold.

To lighten the burden, the Mondraker team bikes roll superlight Progress GP:01 wheels, featuring a 27mm internal rim diameter. These wheels are shod with Maxxis Aspen tyres, to provide the lowest possible rolling resistance, without sacrificing too much descending grip.

How light are those wheels? By using the latest graphene material enhancement technology, Progress manages to supply Mondraker with a 1350g wheelset.