This week's mountain biking quiz sets out to find which professional racing set-up would best suit you

Unfortunately most of us will never be able to race mountain bikes full time regardless of what we tell ourselves every Saturday morning. However, here’s a quiz telling you which team would be perfect for you were you ever to make it to the top.

As there are 29 Elite UCI teams registered for the 2016 season, we thought it would be impossible to fit them all in. Instead we decided it was best to whittle it down to five of our favourite teams. To find out who they are, you’ll just have to take the quiz…

As with our what type of mountain biker are you? and what discipline should you ride? quizzes, this is very unscientific and really just a bit of fun.

You can let us know how you got on in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to share the quiz to find out which team your mates would suit. You might be surprised.

Come back next week for the latest MBR quiz.