If it's not on YouTube did it even happen?

50to01 rider Josh Loosedog Lewis doesn’t do things by halves. This time he’s done his ankle. Dislocated it during a jump sesh at Windhill Bikepark.

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UPDATE! 31/01/18 – story updated to include 50to01’s ‘Trip to Fabric HQ’ video (above)

‘Thankfully’ (if that’s the right word) the whole thing was captured on video. We imagine there isn’t much that happens in Loosedog’s life that isn’t on video. Amazon delivery drivers must be delivering 1TB hard drives to his house pretty much every other day!

If you’re of a nervous or squeamish disposition you may wish to just quickly glance at the resulting plastercast pic below and go about your day. If you’re a ghoul or a vulture (and you are, because you clicked on this story to begin with) then keep scrolling down and watch the Instagram video.

Ive been in hospital for a few days dealing with this dislocated ankle, waiting to hear full results. Some @alex_rankin / @fabriccycling footage coming of the rad few days with @ratboy_bryce @3_dumb @samdale90 cheers everyone at fabric!!

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That location of ‘Salisbury District Hospital’ was always going to mean something like this wasn’t it..?

Here’s what went down last week including the crash that did my ankle 😅 – a very productive time down at @fabriccycling HQ designing some bits and finishing off the @50to01 collab stuff, we then got to shred @windhillb1kepark !!! Wanted to 3 the step up before i arrived so i was stoked to get a few going, got a little comfy and came up short on one. Thanks for all the get well messages keeping the stoke going and to everyone who helped get me out of the woods, small bump in the road but the journeys so fuckin good!!! @alex_rankin you are the guru!!!! 🎥

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This isn’t the first – or probably the last – dislocation to happen to the 50to01 collective. Remember when Bryceland re-inserted dislocated finger hours before his Lenzerheide race run a couple of year ago?

Get well Soon Loosedog! Here’s hoping the resulting time off the bike means we’ll get to see some more 50to01 videos seeing the light of day earlier than planned.