An aluminium frame, trending geometry and mid-travel suspension numbers for this Jibb.

German enduro bike brand, RAAW, has added a shorter-travel bike to its portfolio.

To complement its Madonna enduro bike, there is now something for riders how like to ‘Jibb’, as it were. A bike with progressive geometry, but less travel and potentially more agile responses.

This new frame is an all-aluminium design and rolls 29er wheels. It combines some of the core geometry and engineering details of RAAW’s Madonna, in a suspension configuration that is more suited to riders who don’t ride a great deal of bike park.

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Shorter travel, but all the right angles

Industrial designers at RAAW have trimmed the Madonna V2s travel numbers from 170/160mm to 135/150mm for this new Jibb. The reduced suspension travel should increase trail feedback, for riders who value a livelier bike on most terrain.

Although it has notably less outright suspension than a Madonna V2, the Jibb’s geometry is completely on trend with modern trail and enduro mountain bike standards. The head angle is only a degree steeper, at 65.5 °, with slightly shorter each.

As a reference number, the size large Jibb has 470mm of reach, compared to an equivalent Madonna V2, at 480mm. Both of RAAW’s bike models have the same chainstay lengths, which vary with frame size, and similar bottom bracket drop numbers, at 35mm.

No internal routing

Two of the most obvious visual details on RAAW’s Jibb are its external cable routing and that enormous main pivot. For home mechanics, the direct access of external cabling will have appeal and there is no arguing against the potential durability of that huge main pivot bearing.

Integrated chain slap protection should keep the Jibb’s drivetrain quiet when descending technical terrain at speed.

Despite the 135mm of rear travel, RAAW has ensured that riders who wish to build their Jibb to a lite-enduro specification, are catered for. As such, the frame has a 203mm standard rear brake mount.

Offered in either a raw or black finish, the Jibb is not available as a frameset, at £1963.45. Complete build options should follow, by May.