Crashes galore


If Rachel Atherton’s GoPro footage from the Foxhunt was all about the community spirit, Gee’s was totally the opposite. Here we get to see him bullishly force his way through the field of 400 riders on his way to finishing in 32nd place.

He shows the true grit of a born racer and is happy to barge his way through the field and heckle any rider who he is trying to pass. He twice causes riders to crash on the way down and loses his rear facing camera in the process.

It’s great to see him taking creative lines to force his way through the field though. It just goes to show the benefits of looking ahead when you ride so you can analyse the situation in front of you. He also shows how superior fitness pays off as he is able to sprint past most of the field before they even reach the first bit of singletrack.

Watch the highlights video of the Foxhunt here:

Gee’s performance is all the more impressive considering he did it on his brother Dan’s GT Sanction.

The Red Bull Foxhunt will be returning in 2016 so you can already start training if you think you have what it takes to beat Gee the juggernaut.