As part of mountain biking’s fastest familyDan Atherton is guaranteed to always have a nice bit of kit under him when he rides. Dan started racing downhill and segued through four-cross and BMX supercross before eventually arriving at enduro, where he seems to have found his home.

We caught up with his mechanic, Olly Davey, at round three of the EWS to talk us through his bike and set-up.

Dan Atherton bike check

Dan rides a GT Sanction in a custom lime green colour. He has dropped a frame size from extra large frame to large for this year, as he felt the tracks on the EWS calendar suited it more.

He runs a Fox 36 fork up front that he will add or remove volume spacers to, depending on the track. On the rear he uses a Fox Float X shock with an EVOL air can. He feels that this gives more support in the mid and late stroke than the standard air chamber.

Atherton is renowned for running high tyre pressures, but it seems that his attitude is softening. For the Tweedlove trails he decided that 22 psi on the front and 24 in the rear.

Interestingly, Olly tells us that Dan doesn’t like electronic shifting, instead he prefers the more natural feel offered by a mechanical cable.

Dan finished 18th at this particular round and currently sits at 20th in the overall. Considering he had a DNF in round one, this is a position he will definitely look to improve as the series goes on.