What would Judas Priest do?

New edit combines Judas Priest soundtrack and North Shore trails to excellent retro effect. Well worth two minutes of your eyes and ears.

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Picture the scene. It’s the late nineties. Or maybe the early noughties. It’s hard to remember. To a lot of folk the mountain bike world was about one thing and one thing only: freeride. Stupid skinny wooden ladder tracks in the air in Canadian forests. Or death defying hucks off desert cliff faces. Skyscraper bottom bracket heights. T-Rex friendly top tube lengths. Massive Marzocchis. And Kranked DVDs.

Our riding heroes were Wade Simmons, Dangerous Dan, Richie Schley, Brett Tippie and the one and only Josh Bender.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Well, whatever. It was definitely a time.

Well, here’s a video that harks back to those halycon days. Except this time you don’t have to schlep to your local bike shop and pay twenty quid for a DVD. You can watch for free on the internet.

Filmmaker Scott Secco and freerider Dylan Scheffer have come up trumps again (this is actually the third instalment of their excellent Freeride Lives series).

Why is freeride like heavy metal? It’s intense, formulaic, stupid, loud, aggressive, reactionary, backward-looking and… rad.

Video description

Scott Secco: “Sheffer sending it.”