Snoop Dogg gives us his hilarious verdict on a crazy bit of freeride POV riding footage. The video’s in 360° SnoopaVision by the way.

>>> Pretend you’re a sponsored rider for four minutes

NB: this is a 360° video so you’ll need to pan your way around the screen using your mouse/finger. That way you can switch between watching Snoop and co and the actual bike video that they are watching.

SnoopaVision video description

YouTube Spotlight: “Learn more about SnoopaVision: Welcome to SnoopaVision, a fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg.”

Original video description

YouView: “Experience insane downhill drops to mountain bike racing tree crashes. This is an epic POV compilation of mountain biking stunts!

“YouView lets you experience life like never before. Featuring videos using the GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4, and plenty of HD cameras, you will experience incredible places and activities, all seen from YOUR perspective! If you love adventure travel, unbelievable videos, or really cool experiences, this POV channel is for you!”