It’s not often you watch a mountain bike video of this duration. It’s even rarer to watch one that’s entirely POV. But this is Schleying the Dolomites.

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This is not your bike park shredding flowmageddon riding. This is jerky, stop-starty, chute-and-oof style super technical riding that certain riders out there are just going to love watching.

Richie Schley was one of the pioneers of freeride back in the day. And arguably this video of him thrutching and braking his way down various improbable nuggets of Dolomite madness harks back to his early days as a freerider on the skinnies and mossy slides of Canada’s North Shore.

From the opening barren tourist-filled opening through to some increasingly daft and treacherous stuff and finished off with some well-deserved forest flying, this thirty minute video is brilliant.

Video description

Red Bull: “Richie Schley lives a mountain biker’s dream by riding Italy’s Dolomites from top to bottom. Take the trip with Richie as he tackles the sheer and austere limestone of the peaks and rips through the forests below the treeline in a ride for the ages.”