Turn your iPhone into a helmet cam for £70

We remember the good old days, when all sorts of ghetto handlebar mounts for iPhones were floating round on eBay and we watched the grainy, shaky footage they produced in awe. This practice died as helmet cam technology became more advanced and we started to value our phones a bit more.

But what do you do now if you want to film your ride but can’t stretch to the £330 needed for a GoPro session? Well the answer may lie in the Flymount S1.

Flymount S1 on helmet 2

On the surface, the Flymount S1 may seem like a standard iPhone case that fits to your helmet. The clever bit comes from a periscopic lens, fitted inside the case, that allows your camera to shoot at 90 degrees and widens the field of view. This allows you to flat mount the phone, allowing for many more mounting options.

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Flymount has also integrated a remote control that works up to 10 metres away so you don’t have to take your phone out of the case each time you want to record.

The Flymount S1 also comes with a free app which allows you to shoot, edit, and share on the fly, and also lets you record in one, two, or three minute bursts, just in case you only want to capture a particular descent, or don’t want to let your phone battery run down.


Flymount S1 packshot 2

The app also lets you set a countdown if you don’t want to start recording immediately, and allows you to choose whether to film in 720p or 1080p.

However what’s most impressive about the Flymount is the price: £70 looks to be an absolute bargain considering the price of some of the dedicated products on the market.

Although the Flymount S1 isn’t yet available, we’ll be looking to get a prototype in for review in the near future and see how it stacks up against its standalone rivals. But in the meantime head over to Find Me a Gift for more details.