Dirt School launches smartphone skills coaching app and live web chat tuition

Riders can now have their trail techniques corrected on the fly thanks to Dirt School’s iPhone app.

The app costs £4.99 and is only available on Apple. It features 11 coaching videos of mountain biking techniques designed to help you in a variety of trail situations. A rider can upload videos of themselves practising the techniques and compare themselves with the correct examples.

By creating a profile on the Dirt School website, users can also now have their own riding videos critiqued by Dirt School’s coaches. After uploading a video, a rider will be given written feedback on their technique as well as a video of the correct technique, a coach will be available for a web-chat until the issue is resolved.

Feedback on one video costs £35 or you can have coaching over a series of three videos for £90.

You can see the app in action here:


Finally, users can subscribe to a four-week Fit by Bike training plan that allows you to build up trail fitness without going to the gym. The 18-20-page plans have been written by Rab Wardell, a Commonwealth Games cross country athlete. There are three plans available and each one costs £20.

Here’s the first of our own coaching series with Brendan Fairclough:

Dirt School was founded by Chris Ball, managing director of the Enduro World Series, he said: “Videoing a rider during a coaching session is something I’ve found really useful over the years – often what the rider thinks they are doing on the bike is very different to what they’re actually doing.

“By uploading a video of themselves onto the app and comparing it, it’s much easier for riders to understand where they are going wrong.”