Ten quick questions.

A new survey put out by UK enduro organisers aims to quiz female riders about what they’d like to see more of in enduro events.

The Women in Enduro MTB survey on the SurveyMonkey website has been shared on social media by enduro race organisers and figureheads such as the living legend that is Tracy Moseley.

Posting on her Facebook page, Moseley says: “There has been quite a lot of chat on the UK Enduro organisers group recently about how to increase female race entries and how best to grow the field and interest in racing.

“If you are female and race, have raced, ever thought of racing or don’t and never want to… so basically all you ladies that ride bikes!

“Please take a few moments to help educate us about what you would like to see in Enduro races in the U.K.”

Katy Winton (above) is another female enduro racer doing great things in 2017

The questions are straightforward and to the point. Some of them deal with what’s missing in – or wrong with – current enduros and some discuss how best to deal with things when female rider numbers are low.

The full list of questions are listed below, so you know what you’re letting yourself into before you click that link.

All the answers are in the form of multiple choice tick boxes. There are also text fields you can type into if you want to elaborate on something not covered by a tick box option.

  1. Have you ever taken part in any racing?

  2. Would you ever consider taking part in Enduro racing and why?

  3. I’d like to take part in Enduro racing but…

  4. Where it’s not possible to run the same age categories as the mens race how do you feel they should be split

  5. There are a few options in the event of low entries, which do you prefer?

  6. How many people should there be as a minimum for each category?

  7. If you already race Enduro which format do you prefer?

  8. Would any of the following either improve or encourage you into racing?

  9. Does the current lack of equal age categories put you off racing?

  10. Womens specific events (Fox hunt, Airmaiden etc) are much much better attended than normal mixed races. Why do you think this is?