Yours for $80,000

Need inspiration for clearing that gap? Iconic leathers worn by legendary Evel Knievel have been put up for auction.

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Although at time of writing the current bid is ‘only’ $30,000, Heritage Auctions has put a guide price of £80,000+ on the iconic stars ‘n’ stripes jump suit.

Harley Davidson and Olympia Beer sponsor patches adorn left and right shoulders. The suit weighs over six and a half pounds and displays clear signs of ‘road rash’ from the numerous tumbles it suffered.

Knievel wore the leathers during his successful leap over fifty cars at the Los Angeles Coliseum back in 1973. Ey, them were the days.

If that’s not exciting enough, you can also bid on ‘Evel Knievel’s Famous Diamond-Studded Walking Stick with Hidden Liquor Compartment’. The guide price on that is a mere $20,000+.

Just check out this for a product description…

“The walking stick served purposes both structural and pharmaceutical, each a necessity for a man for whom serious injury was the cost of doing business. While medical science was skilled in reassembling the jigsaw puzzle of Knievel’s skeleton after his bone-jarring crashes, pain was a constant companion of the famed daredevil. When not needed for support, the top of the stick could be unscrewed to reveal a hollow interior just large enough for liquor-laden glass flasks to help douse the flames of Knievel’s angry nerve endings, or to steady them before the next jump.”

Image from Heritage Auctions.

We wonder if they accept Paypal?