It turns out January sales are still very much A Thing


January sales used to be all the rage back in the day didn’t they? Well, they still exist even in this age of Black November Cyber online discount dealing.

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VooDoo Bizango 29er was £725, now £550

Save £175! There are few bikes that have consistently won MBR best-off awards year-in year-out more than the modern classic VooDoo Bizango 29er. This would make for either an exvellent starter bike for someone or as a spare/winter bike for an existing mountain biker.

Buy Now: VooDoo Bizango 29er from Halfords for only £550!

Calibre Sentry Enduro was £2,300, now £1,699

Save 26%! We’re not sure what’s happening at Go Outdoors but there’s something definitely afoot that is making thier amazing mountian ibkes even more better value than ever. Grab an absolute steal of an enduro bike before Go Outdoors stop the mad discounting!

Buy Now: Calibre Sentry Enduro from Go Outdoors for only £1,699!

Endura Singletrack Waterproof Jacket was £119.99, now £83.99

Save 30%! A jacket designed in Scotland that has a hood. What more do you need to know? Whenver it comes to protecting ourselves from the wildest of wild weathers, we reach for the garments with Endura written on them.

Buy Now: Endura Singletrack Waterproof Jacket from Cycle Store for only £83.99!

Burgtec Penthouse MK4 flat pedal was £99.99, now £64.99

Save 35%! Like Five Tens, Burgtec Penthous flats (geddit?) are seemingly never in any worthwhile sales. But check tis out, Leisure Lakes are making history with a price tag hacking fest of 35% off the SRP of Penthouse pedals. Get’em while they’re hot, as it were.

Buy Now: Burgtec Penthouse MK4 flat pedals from Leisure Lakes for only £64.99!

Five Ten sale on at Leisure Lakes, at least 20% off

At least 20% off! Speaking of Five Tens and them never being in decent sales… er, here’s a decent sale of Five Tens. There’s at least (AT LEAST) 20% knocked off the retail price of all the Five Tens listed on the linked page below. Not just oddball models. Plnety of common sizes still available. For now, anyway…

Buy Now: Check out the Five Ten sale at Leisure Lakes

SunRace wide-range cassettes in 10/11/12 speeds in the sale at Merlin Cycles

Save up to 40%! Once you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on yet another wide-range cassette from one of the Big Two S Brands, you quickly start to look for alternative options. And for our money, there’s still no one offering the range, weights, shifting, quality and durability that SunRace’s big cassettes do.

Buy Now: Check out the SunRace wide-range cassettes sale at Merlin Cycles

SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12sp groupset was £365.00, now £204.99

Save 44%! Or if your bike needs a bit more replacing than a mere cassette, you need to start weighing up the financial benefits of simply buying a whole new groupset/drivetrain. And if a whole new drivetrain looks like the best way forward, there’s still very little to rival the value (and compatibility) of SRAM NX Eagle.

Buy Now: SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12sp groupset from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £204.99!

Mobi V-17 Portable Bike Pressure Washer was £149.99, now £74.99

Save 50%! It’s filthy out there out at the moment isn’t it?

Buy Now: Mobi V-17 Portable Bike Pressure Washer from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £74.99!

Afton Keegan MTB shoes was £79.99, now £47.99

Save 40%! The quesiton everyone will be asking about these discounted riding sneakers is: are they as good as Five Tens? Well, we can’t actualyl vouch for that specifically BUT we do know that the sole rubberof these Afton keegans is 60a, which is a smidge softer than the rubber found on standard Five Ten Freeriders. So, the grip should be there at least. And for under fifty quid, they’re worth a punt if you get through a lot of riding shoes in a seaosn.

Buy Now: Afton Keegan MTB shoes from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £47.99!

Clarks M2 Hydraulic Disc Brake and Rotor was £29.99, now £14.99

Save up to 40%! Need a set of brakes to complete a bike build? There’s not a whole lot better than a set of budget stoppers from Clarks. These are the older M2 offerings (Clarks do M3 as the latest version these days) but they’re still very capable disc brakes.

Buy Now: Clarks M2 Hydraulic Disc Brake and Rotor from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £14.99!

Five Ten Troy Lee Insulated Jacket was £169.95, now £87.43

Save 49%! This is not a jacket for riding in. A nice jacket for warming up in afer a soggy winter soaking.

Buy Now: Five Ten Troy Lee Insulated Jacket from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £87.43!

Shimano Zee M640 Disc Brake was £144.99, now £86.99

Save up to 40%! Some riders and racers will not use any other brake than the Zee. The working (wo)man’s Saints. whole heartedly recommend these brakes. They are considerably cheaper than some of the top of the range brakes out there. While they may lack some of the adjustability and other bells or whistles offered on more expensive brakes, they lack nothing when it comes to power and comfort.

Buy Now: Shimano Zee M640 Disc Brake from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £86.99!

Deals don’t last forever

The intrinsic nature of sales is that they don’t last forever. They are on for a limited time; either the stock sells out and there’s none left, or the price goes back up again once the sales promotion is over. In other words, check the date when this story was published (see top of page, publication dates is listed next to the author name) to see when these deals were announced and act fast.