Can you believe it's still only January?


Time for our weekly round up of the best online deals out there for us rufty tufty dirty mountain bikers. All killer, no filler. Check out this little lot…

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Bike Tools Workstand – £124.79 – £69.95

Save 44%! You’ll see this very same workstand branded up under various… er, brands. Often own-brand bike store chains. Not that this means it’s a cheapy knock-off workstand. Far from it. It’s testament to a winning design and should serve you right for many a year of domestic wrenching.

Currently on sale for £69.95!

Icetoolz Star 8 Torx multitool – £8.95 – £4.96

Save 44.5%! Torx bolts are increasingly found on more and more mountain bike components. It’s not just disc brake rotors where you’ll find them. Brake lever bolts, chainring bolts, dropper seatposts, derailleurs… Torx is everywhere. And as such a decent multitool devoted to them is a nice handy item

Currently on sale for only £4.96!

Raleigh Padded Bike Bag – £89.99 – £29.95

Save 66.5%! Internal wheel pockets, big chunky zips, internal storage pockets, address window. Dimensions: 121.5cm x 20.5cm x 99cm. Time to go on holiday – yeah!

Currently on sale for only £29.95!

Hope Pro 4 on Stans Flow MK2 27.5in wheelset – £499.99 – £349.99

Save 30%! Rocking an internal rim width of 29mm these excellent hoops are ready and waiting for the 2.4-2.5 ‘WT’ style tyres that are becoming increasingly the norm for trail riders. Bolt through front and rear (non-Boost by the way, just regular).

Currently on sale for only £349.99!

Clarks Exo Skeletal hydraulic disc brake – £34.99 – £20.98

Save 40%! Pre-bled, ready to slap on, bargian disc brakes. Price includes rotor. NB: the rotor size is a dinky 160mm which will be fine for most riders as a rear brake but you’ll may find them a bit undergunned for front use.

Currently on sale for only £20.98!

Hope Spiderless Retainer Ring – £55.00 – £34.98

Save 36%! Made from aluminium for strength and durability, this Spiderless Retainer Ring will fit directly to the driveside spline. Spiderless chainring is designed to complete your Hope cranks by directly mounting to the spline.

Currently on sale for only £34.98!

Spank Spike Race 33 Bead Bite 26in or 27.5in wheelset – £369.99 – £240.98

Save 34%! Bargain DH wheels. Weighing around 2kg in total, they are exceptionally light considering how strong they are. Proven to handle the roughest terrain on the planet, these wheels will not let your riding desires down. Tubeless ready.

Currently on sale for only £240.98!

MRP 1.X Upper Guide 32-40T – £39.99 – £27.99

Currently on sale for only £27.99!

Save 30%! The description of this pioneering chain device mentions 1×9 drivetrains but fear not, it’s just out-of-date wording. This excellent guide will work just fine with 10 or 11 or even 12 speed drivetrains that run 32T to 40T chainrings.