The best bikes and kit of Core Bike 2019

Whilst not known for loads of first glimpses of brand new product, there’s still enough at Core Bike to whet the appetite for the coming year.

>>> Have a gander at the new trail-friendly Hope HB.130 29er

Core Bike is the annual trade show that traditionally kicks off the new year for the industry, showcasing the latest bikes and kit that you will be seeing in bike shops during the coming months.

The new Blue Pig. Slack, long… you know the score.

Ragley revamp

We covered the newly spruced up range of steel and aluminium hardtails from the brand that helped to define the UK specific hardcore hardtail recently. Core Bike was the first time we could take a look at the new bikes in the flesh and they are looking pretty fine.

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Plenty of space for big rubber without compromising chain stay length thanks to the distinctive design.

Ragley are also doing components.

Three lengths of Sam Hill signature Horizon stem are available, 35, 50 and 65mm. The big man himself prefers the middle 50mm option.

Nukeproof’s Sam Hill signature range expands

EWS champ and all-round bike wizard Sam Hill has added to his signature range of components from Nukeproof with a new Horizon stem, handlebar, softer compound grip and the opinion polarising enduro handguards.

So tacky they stick to the wall. Although there’s no change to the design of the grips the rubber is now a 5a durometer rather than the original (and still super soft) 15a.

Love them or hate them. Sam Hill loves an enduro hand guard!

Muted, earthy colours are the score for IXS in 2019.

IXS Trigger AM helmet

IXS has brought out a goggle friendly enduro/trail lid in the shape of the Trigger AM. This new lid is the first IXS helmet to be created using the in-mould process (putting both shell and foam in the mould to create a stronger and more durable structure). Available in four muted colours, the big news is the adaptable and moveable visor.

The best mountain bike helmets for 2019

The Trigger AM has a wide range of movement from its visor. You can cram a big set of goggles under it now. £109.99.

Each rim width has a different internal structure. This is the 30mm version.

Hope Fortus rims

Alongside the brand new 2er trail bike HB-130, Hope also had its new range of rims on show. The four different internal widths, ranging from 23mm to 33mm, allow Hope to build their Hope Hoops to suit any discipline from road to downhill through gravel, XC and enduro. Each rim option features a different internal structure to suit its intended use. Hope is also potentially intending on selling the rims separately, something it hasn’t done before when you had to buy its complete wheels to get the rim.

Neat, etched graphics keep the Fortus looking stealthy.

The Surpass Level 2 is at the top of the tree for 100% new protection range. As its name suggests, it exceeds the highest safety rating making it suitable for the hardest riding. A honeycomb outer structure helps dissipate forces in combination with a large hard pad. £87.99 for elbow, £115 for knee.

100% protection

100% has had riders covered in terms of helmets, eyewear, gloves  and clothing for as long as it has been in existence but now it has taken the next step by producing a quartet of knee and elbow pads. Ranging from simple sleeve style pads suited for trail riding to full on DH certified knee and elbow protection, 100% has you covered.

The best mountain bike knee pads for 2019

One step down from the Surpass 2 we have the Fortis. It uses a similar structure but has a lighter Spandex back to make it a touch easier to pedal in. £61.99 for elbow, £69.99 for knee.

Dropping the hard outer shell making it lighter and easier to use for everyday riding, the Teratec Soft still offers Level 1 Certification. £52.99 for elbow and £61.99 for knee.

The Ridecamp is the lightest of the range. Using a neoprene and mesh construction, it still offers a good degree of protection. £43.99 for elbow version, £52.99 for knee.

The clean looking Fuji Auric LT.

Fuji Auric LT

Fuji remains a relatively small name in the UK but the new Auric LT has a couple of interesting features that apparently make it an enduro bike to be reckoned with. The 160mm of rear wheel travel is handled by the distinctive MLink suspension design. This puts a pivot halfway down the chainstays to create a unique suspension path. A 170mm fork and 27.5″ wheels put it firmly in the ‘long travel’ category.

Yes, that pivot is halfway along the chainstay!


Syncros might be known more for being Scott’s component partner company but its range of aftermarket components is ever expanding. We took a look at its bonkers 1250 gram Silverton SL full carbon wheels at their launch last year but now these superb examples of composite engineering are now available in the UK. Boasting a one piece construction, the hub shell, spokes and rim are all moulded together to create a super light, stiff and durable wheelset. It also had the custom Fraser IC SL one piece carbon bar and stem that Nino Schurter used to win his most recent World Champions jersey on show, along with his cool custom saddle. Both are available to buy now (albeit without the custom colours or graphics).

This striking Scott Spark has been painted up by Fat Creations to showcase some of component brand Syncros’ best kit, including the full carbon Silverton SL wheels and Fraser IC SL bar/stem.

The Silverton SL wheelset weighs 1250 grams and is made up of 34 individual carbon pieces all laid up together to create the distinctive integrated look.

The Silverton SL has spokes bonded to the rim and hub.

Nino’s custom Fraser IC SL one piece carbon handlebar and stem combo.

Win multiple world championships and world cup races and you too can have your cartoon on your saddle.