One-piece construction ditches traditional wheel tech

Syncros has released the ‘future’ of mountain bike wheels in the shape of the Syncros Silverton SL, featuring a seamless carbon construction.

Syncros Silverton SL need to know

  • Carbon rim features 26mm internal width.
  • 8 piece moulded carbon fibre construction
  • DT-Swiss hub internals
  • Ceramic bearings throughout
  • Centre lock brake only
  • Total wheel weight 1250 grams
  • Available from September
  • Retail price: $3500 (UK pricing TBC)

Syncros, long term component manufacturer and now the parts arm of Scott Bikes, are claiming to have designed the blueprint to how all future mountain bike wheels will be created. The revolutionary Silverton SL ditches pretty much all traditional wheel constituents and construction methods to create what Syncros are calling ‘a complete system’.

syncros silverton sl

The Silverton SL features an almost seamless moulded carbon construction.

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What makes it so special?

At first glance the Silverton SL looks like any ordinary wheel. There’s the traditional line-up of rim, spokes and hub all present and correct. But a closer look shows an almost seamless integration between the three parts thanks to the moulded and bonded carbon fibre construction. In fact, it’s only the hub internals that are ‘normal’. Syncros, like many brands will rely on DT-Swiss for the moving parts of the Silverton SL.

1250 grams is crazy light for a road wheel!

The ‘spokes’ insert at quite tight angles to ensure maximum strength and straighter lines.

Syncros claim that the new Silverton SL is 30% stiffer laterally (for better cornering) and 100% stiffer torsionally (for better power transfer) than the current best DT-Swiss wheels used by Nino Schurter. Just by looking at the light-for-road weight and the mention of Mr Schurter tells you that these are aimed at XC racing beyond all other uses.

For the rest of us mere mortals, Syncros will also be releasing two other wheels billed for trail and enduro use. We will post up more details once we’ve received more information.