That's a lot of nails

Mountain biker Chris Williams unearths shockingly vicious piece of nailed wood hidden on trail near Abergavenny in south Wales.

As reported by the BBC (where you can see photographs of the trap), the nature of the offending item was similar to those used in other parts of Wales and the UK in general. Namely, a scratty old plank with lots of long nails hammered through it which is then shallow buried across a trail popular with mountain bikers.

We haven’t actually reported on trail sabotage for quite awhile (last April to be precise) and we’d hoped that the phenomenon had died down but it appears to be back – and more insanely vicious than ever. Two hundred nails in this plank!

On this latest incident, Mr Williams encountered the trap On Blorenge mountain near Abergavenny on Monday of this week whilst out on a ride with mates. Thankfully he spotted the trap before it did any damage to any bike or rider.

Quoted by the BBC, Mr Williams explained: “I was in front and I could see something shining. It was in a trench and buried. I pulled my brakes on and shouted to the boys … It’s about a metre long, has 200 nails in it it’s pretty heavy … Whoever made it must have used a nail gun because there are no hammer marks … It’s also got legs on it, so if you rode over it would not tip up but would stay in the ground … Someone has gone to a lot of work.”