Silly season starts up again

Nails-through-wood traps have been discovered in a woodland near Lampeter in Ceredigion, Wales. There have actually been two separate nail traps left.

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On one side of the plank traps were nails, on the other side were a series of offensive provocative handwritten statements in marker pen: “HA! HA! GOT YOU AGAIN W*NKER” and “KEEP TO THE FOOTPATH F*CK OFF W*NKER”.

As reported by Wales Online, this isn’t the first time such traps have been laid. There were similar nail traps left in the area in 2016.

The traps were found by Dr Roderick Bale in the Upper Forest area outside of Lampeter. Speaking to the BBC, Dr Bale said: “It would puncture your tyre. It would really cause injury to an animal or person who trod on it, really serious injury […] [it’s] quite depressing that someone spends their time doing this […] But I’m not going to stop using this woodland. We’re lucky to have this on our doorstep.”

Huwel Manley of Natural Resources Wales: “People can use our forests to walk, run or ride. It’s a great way to enjoy our environment and get healthy in the outdoors, but people need to be safe while doing so.

“Sabotaging woodlands is incredibly dangerous and puts people and animals at risk. We’ve cleared hazardous items left on the trails in our forest near Lampeter.

“If anyone sees evidence of dangerous activity or items in our forests, please report it to the Police on 101 and to us on 03000 65 3000.”