South Wales this time. Again.

Another nasty looking DIY ‘stinger’ trap has been found on a track in South Wales. This one featured six 6″ nails in a plank of wood embedded in the ground.

Pic: South Wales Community Mountain Rangers

There are reports of an incident involving a Landrover having its tyres damaged by a suspected similar device in the same area but not by the stinger featured here.

So there is a likelihood that there are/were numerous such stinger traps still lurking in the Bwlch Craig Y Geifr area. Be careful out there.

On South Wales Community Mountain Rangers’ Facebook page the following message was posted last night (Wednesday February 15th).

This is a warning regarding. The BWLCH CRAIG Y GEIFR
There were 6 6inch nails in the ground in a plank of wood they were sticking out of the ground about 2 inches
We removed them
We are warning all walkers and everybody who uses the paths for walking etc.
be careful we did not find anymore in the area near where we removed them but please make sure you watch were you are walking at all times as there could be more around the area
The marker below is where we removed them from

“we are issuing this warning incase there are more
Please take care when you are out walking and be vigilant.”