Get in line

Based on one of the most successful bikes in Raleigh’s entire history, the Raleigh Burner will live again as a kid’s balance bike

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Ex-BMXer parents, heck even ex-BMXer grandparents, rejoice! If you missed out on last year’s 35th anniversary Raleigh Burner reissue then here’s another chance to get some of that iconic Burner colourway in your life (and your child’s life).

The Raleigh Burner balance bike will go on sale in October 2018. Sorry about the wait! Bike shops can pre-order the bike now so you  may want to get on the phone and pester them to sort one out for you.

Raleigh: “The Balance Bike version of the Burner will be created in alloy, ensuring the bike is lightweight for little riders and parents alike. It will feature a blue pad on the handle bars and BMX style grips alongside a black saddle, silver rails and clamp. The decal will be under a protective coating to ensure the iconic Burner graphics stay intact.”

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The Raleigh Burner is older than a lot of people like to think. Yes it really was 1982 when it came out. It’s a bike that not only looked totally cool but it also earned rainbow stripes; Great Britain’s Craig Scholfield won the 1985 World Champs in Canada.

Above: Not Craig Scholfield’s wining run but we thought it was too cool a find not to include!