Only 350 will be made.

Pre-register your interest now if you want to stand a chance of getting one of these retro-tastic 35th anniversary edition Raleigh Burner BMX bikes.

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This is one for the Dads (and Mums) out there. If you’re on the wrong (or right, depending on your point of view) side of 40 then you’ll not need any introduction to this iconic bike.

raleigh burner

Back in 1982 a whole wave of lust was unleashed when Raleigh brought out the Raleigh Burner. This was the bike that started a whole load of people to be interested in two wheels.

The specific model being reissued here is the Raleigh Team Aero Pro Burner.

raleigh burner

Raleigh UK: “Pre-registration is now available to receive early updates on release dates and how to order from here.

“It’s safe to say the Raleigh Burner is one of the most iconic bikes to hit the market. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Raleigh Burner, we’re remaking 350 limited edition Team Aero Pro Burners.

“These bikes will as close as possible to the original, using a Tange made frame and forks just like the original, along with Skyway Tuff2s  and much more period correct components.”

Video above: ‘My 84 Raleigh Pro Race Burner Bmx’ on the ol’ YouTubes. Tidy.