Oh boy, Scouts

Details of the new Nukeproof Scouts. The hardest hardtail gets a little lighter and a bit less harsh at the back. This is sure to be popular UK choice.

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2018 Nukeproof Scouts need to know

2018 Nukeproof Scout 275 Comp

In all the excitement of Sam Hill’s historic win in this year’s Enduro World Series – not to mention his outrageous choice of bike for the Downhill World Champs – it seems Nukeproof forgot all about their popular li’l rascal hardtail range, the Scouts.

And who can lame them really? We stll find ourselves in frequent bouts of glassy eyed hero worshipping revelry about Sam and his medal winning flat pedalling ways.

Anyway. Nukeproof Scout hardtails. The Scout started life as 4X (remember that?) bike called the Snap. ‘Snap’ referred to the racer’s advantage of getting a wriggle on from the start gate, although in hindsight ‘Snap’ was probably not the best name ever to give a bike frame. No matter, it proved to popular enough and has morphed into the trail riding hardcore hardtail we see here that’s known as the Scout.

2018 Nukeproof Scout 290 Race

Actually the Scout is more than one model. There’s the Scout 275 and the Scout 290. You won’t win any prizes for guessing what the difference is (for those slow-of-thinking the 275 has 27.5in wheels, the 290 has 29in wheels).

With each wheel size there are three builds available: Sport, Race, Comp.

Regardless of which wheel size, all Scouts are intended to be low slung, long and slack up front.

2018 Nukeproof Scout 275 Sport

Nukeproof Scout 275 geometry

Nukeproof Scout 290 geometry

Railing ruts

The accompanying ‘Railing Ruts’ promo vid is really cool we reckon. Nicely rough but wholly inspiring.

Nukeproof say it best: “Bike launch edits are usually shot in some epic location with endless dusty corners to roost. For the new Nukeproof Scout there wasn’t this luxury. We’re in the North West of England it’s raining, the dust is wet and the air is thick with the smell of freshly spread manure mixed with that stench of stale water that hasn’t moved for an eternity. But the essence of “hardtail-ing” is simply getting back to the purity of riding- isn’t it? Having fun, pushing limits and taking risks. We’re also didn’t stopped laughing all day, the comedy trio of Elliott Heap, Luke Cryer and Mr Old School Nigel Page are throwing some wild shapes and skills in challenging Cheshire conditions.

“Elliott decided to build up a true hardcore beast from a 275 frame. Using parts donations from his 2017 Nukeproof Mega race bike and running 170mm Rockshox Lyric fork (the red Scout). Luke’s weapon of choice was an out the box Scout 275 Comp (he’s just added a few Copper Horizon parts to look fancy!). It was Luke’s first time on the big volume 2.6” tyres, from clearing the triple at the BMX track to railing the slop, he lapped up everything he could throw at it. We were even graced with a guest appearance from Nigel “Barry” Page on his fully tricked out custom Scout 290.”