Single crown fork and dropper post FTW?

By allegedly opting for his enduro bike, Sam Hill has officially dropped the mic before the World Champs have even started.

Following on from a World Cup Downhill season that was controversial for various wheel size arguments and bikepark ‘dumbing down’ of race tracks, Hill’s revelation that he is* to ride the World Champs on a prototype Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon further adds to the internet infighting.

The Cairns track has something of a reputation as being one of the calmer courses in international downhill racing. 29ers have long (pre-Lourdes) been rumoured to be making appearances at Cairns, but the appearance of a single crown fork and dropper post-ed 160mm travel enduro bike seems like something else altogether.

*as well as this Mega 275, Sam is also taking his Nukeproof Pulse downhill bike, just in case.

Pic: Fraser Britton / Nukeproof

Flat pedal thunder. Did you really expect anything else from Hill? The man responsible for selling thousands of Five Tens and flat pedals everywhere. Nice special edition green pins on Sam Hill Horizon signature flatties.

Pic: Fraser Britton / Nukeproof

It may be an enduro bike but that looks like a 7-speed downhill cassette on there.

Pic: Fraser Britton / Nukeproof

#straya mate.

Pic: Fraser Britton / Nukeproof

Sam Hill has already won the World Champs five times (first back in 2002). Although some may think that this is all just a publicity stunt, Sam Hill doesn’t ever not race to win.

Don’t believe the hype. Sam wants to win at Cairns.

It’ll be on The Beeb too

The UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships take place from Wednesday 6 September to Sunday 10 September. The 2017 Championships take place in Cairns, Northern Australia.

Coverage of the World Champs Downhill will be live on the BBC (Red Button, Connected TVs, online and the BBC Sport app). Highlights will also be on BBC Red Button and the BBC iPlayer afterwards. As will a full replay.

Sunday 10th September

03:55-04:45, Women’s elite downhill, BBC Red Button and online

04:55-07:55, Men’s elite downhill, BBC Red Button and online

09:20-10:10, Women’s elite downhill, BBC Red Button (replay)

10:10-13:10, Men’s elite downhill, BBC Red Button (replay)