Did any catch you out?

Depending on your point of view April Fools day can either be a light hearted break from the seriousness of everyday life or a groan-inducing parade of tired and obvious jokes. In recent years brands have competed to create that one, perfect, ‘shareable’ press release that will have you splitting your sides with laughter.

We’ve gathered our favourites here. Whether they’re funny or not is up to you to decide:

Focus’ 36er

This is by far our favourite April Fools for the simple reason that Focus actually built a working bike for it – now that’s commitment!

This is the Focus Big Bird and the headline is that it rolls on 36 inch wheels. We’ve seen concept bikes with massive wheels before but this is the first one we know of that’s been produced… although we’re yet to be convinced that the Big Bird will really take off.

Chain Reaction’s natural nutrition

Yes we could fuel our rides with chemical-infused energy gels and bars but don’t you miss the rustic  simplicity of a wholesome jam sandwich? It provides a great sugar boost, tastes fantastic and, as you can see from this video, is made with real care and attention. The only problem is they went with strawberry jam, we’d much rather raspberry… with the seeds.

Muc Off’s Lunar Lube

Muc Off Lunar Lube

Muc Off is promising out of this world performance with it’s new lube formulated with lunar dust. It’s claimed to make your bike 40 per cent lighter and will be debuted at the first Lunar Sportive in 2020.

The Shimano Samurai 14 speed cassette

The Eagle has been cut down by Shimano's mighty Samurai 14 speed cassette! Full details exclusively on factoryjackson.com NOW!

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Well it seems like the mighty Eagle has been sliced out of the sky by the Shimano Samurai. This one actually comes from Factory Jackson and demonstrates some nifty photoshop skills to mock up a 14 speed cassette. It does make us wonder though… just how big can a cassette get?

Gusset Isobar Grip System

Gusset Isobar Grip

Well this takes arm pump to a whole new level! The Gusset Isobar grip system allows you to set your grips to be as hard or soft as possible! Using just a Presta valve and a shock pump you can adjust the pressure you run in your grips to suit your riding style (to a max pressure of 30 psi).

The YT Jeffsy breaks cover

The official Twitter page of the Forest of Dean has broken the embargo and unleashed the Jeffsy on the world. Remember those cryptic clues? “Far out or nothing”, “discovering rad places”, “Going downhill”? Well this is what was all pointing to. We have to say it looks like another winner from the German direct sales brand.